Please click the below link to find the School Committee agenda with the budget presentation and meeting documents for Thursday, 4/7/2022, along with the Zoom information.


The format this week is a little different.

The meeting will open at 6:40pm, but begin with Executive Session which the public will not be present for.

The public budget hearing will begin at 7:00pm, where Maynard citizens will be able to voice their comments, as well as send in comments electronically. See the agenda documents for directions on how comments can be submitted. All comments are limited to 3 minutes or 350 typed words.


Comments during the hearing must pertain to the operating budget. Grants are not part of the operating budget, therefore if there any comments concerning grants they will be heard during the regular business meeting.


The regular business meeting will begin after the public hearing.  This will be in our regular format and comments will be accepted by email to as they normally are.