The Maynard School District has a long history of supporting students and families from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to ensuring that students who are not proficient in English gain the mastery necessary to be successful in an academic environment while meeting state (MGLc71A) and federal program requirements. We are a low-incidence district intent on providing quality programming for Multilingual Learners / English Learners that consists of subject matter instruction and English language instruction. English language services are available in all three schools from certified teachers.


Multilingual learners refers to all children and youth who are, or have been, consistently exposed to multiple languages. As part of its asset-based belief system, WIDA uses the term “multilingual learners” to describe all students who come in contact with and/or interact in languages in addition to English on a regular basis. They include students who are commonly referred to as English learners (ELs), dual language learners (DLLs), newcomers, students with interrupted formal schooling (SIFE), long-term English learners (L-TELs), English learners with disabilities, gifted and talented English learners, heritage language learners, students with English as an additional language (EAL), and students who speak varieties of English or indigenous languages.


603 CMR 14.02: Identification and Assessment of Students

(1) Each school district shall establish procedures, in accordance with Department guidelines, to identify those students who may be English learners and assess their level of English proficiency upon their enrollment in the school district.

(2) The parent or guardian of any student enrolled in the school district may request that the school district assess the child's level of English proficiency.