The Maynard Public Schools are in the process of shifting from Tyler Student Information System (SIS) to Aspen SIS! Tyler access has been closed and we are in the process of preparing Aspen for teacher, student, and parent access. We will be sending out additional information on how to access Aspen later in the summer. For now, please reach out to school administrators with concerns about scheduling and other issues.

Last fall, a team of teachers, administrators, parents, IT staff, and others evaluated our current system and recommended that we shift to Aspen. There was a broad consensus that it would be a big improvement over what we have now and that despite challenges related to the pandemic, we should make it happen.

Aspen will provide a much better experience for everyone involved - there is a reason why over 100 districts in Massachusetts use this platform! It will be easier to use and to find the information you need.

The past 6 months have been an intense process of designing, confiGuring, and testing the new system and we are excited to share it with everyone ASAP. If you would like more information about Aspen in the meantime, visit this website.