New to Maynard Public School System - Instructions for creating an account

**These instructions are for creating a parent Aspen account. If you need to recover your password, click the "I forgot my password" link on the Maynard Aspen page. If you need to register an additional student, click here for instructions.

**Please note: You must use a desktop computer to set up a new account. You cannot use a mobile device.

Go to Maynard Public School’s Aspen Login Page by clicking here. If that link does not work, the website is Make sure you bookmark this page BEFORE you log in.

Click the “Request an account” link on the login page.

Click here to register

On the next screen, the only option will be selected for you. Click Next Step →

I am a parent or guardian registering online

Enter all of the required information on the next screen then click Next Step → . Please note, this is YOUR information and not your child’s. This information will be used not only to create your account but to also create your contact information for your child’s enrollment record. This must be completed by a legal parent/guardian.

Enter all info

Enter all of the required information on the next screen then click Create My Account.

This information will be used to create your login credentials and a security question you will be asked if you ever disable your account or forget your password and need to reset it.

Enter account info

If an account already exists, you will receive the following. Please email to request your existing login credentials.

Enter account info

If an account does not exist, you will receive the following:

Account created

The following is what your verification email will look like:


Once you click the link to verify your email, you will see the following message and your Aspen parent portal account will be active.