Phone: 978-897-8891
Fax: 978-897-6089

Counselors are available Monday through Friday during the school day. If you need to meet outside of regular hours, please contact us.

Nicole Fernald, M.Ed., C.A.G.S.
Certified School Guidance Counselor
Caseload: Last names Lb-Z
Phone: 978-897-8891 x3209
Office: B109

Dana MacPhee, M.A., C.A.G.S.
Certified School Guidance Counselor
Certified School Adjustment Counselor
Caseload: Specific students, last names A-Z
Phone: 978-897-8891 x3105
Office: A203

Amy Petroskey, M.Ed., Ed.S.
Certified School Guidance Counselor
Caseload: Last names A-La
Phone: 978-897-8891 x3210
Office: B110

Abigail Kilcommins
School Counseling Intern
Phone: 978-897-8891 x3219
Office: B111

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SERF College Fair

SEF College Fair Event Information

The Sudbury Education Resource Fund (SERF) is holding its annual 2023 SERF College Fair this March 13 - 18th.  This event is free of charge and registration is only needed to participate in and access webinars. More information can be found here.

Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) Webinars

MEFA offers different webinars related to all aspects of the college process.

Understanding Financial Aid Offers - offered multiple times in March and April
Learn about types of financial aid, how to calculate the balance due after aid, and methods to pay the bill. More information and registration can be found here.

Applying for College Scholarships - Thursday, March 2, 6:30-7:30pm
Learn key scholarship facts, how to use search engines to find scholarships, and how they play into paying your bill. More information and registration can be found here.

What to Know about Financial Aid Appeals - Wednesday, March 29, 6:30-7:30pm
Learn about the appeals process, how to write a letter, and what situations might warrant receiving additional aid. More information and registration can be found here.

Q&A with College Admissions Experts - Tuesday, March 21, 6:30-7:30pm
Hear from a panel of college admissions experts as they share their advice on how to launch a college search. Bring questions about the admissions process, including those focused on campus visits, standardized tests, college fairs, and applications. More information and registration can be found here.

Financial Aid 101 - Multiple Dates
Receive information and clarity on the entire college financial aid application process. See event calendar and sign up here.


Welcome Class of 2026!

We are so excited to welcome the 9th graders to MHS! All of our 9th graders are enrolled in either PE, Health, Intro to Capstone, or Academic Literacy during G block. The counselors visited all of those classrooms in early October to introduce ourselves. We discussed the main differences between middle school and high school, graduation requirements, the role of the high school counselor, and how to make appointments with us.

We know that the transition to high school can be a tough one for students, especially after so many disrupted school years due to the pandemic. If you or your student are struggling with this transition to high school, please reach out to your school counselor.

Senior Postsecondary Planning

Counselors went into Senior Project Classrooms in early September to talk to students about the college application process and what to expect this fall. We are also hosting a post-secondary planning advisory to provide extra support for any student who needs help with this process. If anyone has not already talked to their school counselor about their plan for next year or needs any help with it, please set up a meeting by signing up on the appointment sheet outside of your counselor's office or sending your counselor an email. General resources can be found here.

Important Senior Forms

- Brag Sheet for Counselor Recommendation - please fill this out in as much detail as possible so that your school counselor has all of the information to write a great letter of recommendation!

- Caregiver Brag Sheet - a questionnaire for parents and guardians to fill out in case they want to provide us with some additional background information that would be helpful for us to know for the letter of recommendation, optional but appreciated!

- Transcript Release Form - in order to send any students' transcript to a college or scholarship program, we must legally receive permission to do. If the student is under 18, a parent must also electronically sign.


PSAT Scores

PSAT Scores were released in December. Students who included their email addresses when they completed the pre-registration information received an email to log into their accounts. If students have any trouble accessing their scores, they should reach out to their school counselor.

Upcoming SAT TESTS

Register at
- March 11 - registration deadline is 2/10
- May 6 - registration deadline is 4/7
- June 3 - registration deadline is 5/4
Please reach out to your counselor if you need a fee waiver.

Upcoming ACT TESTS

Register at
- February 11 - registration deadline is 1/6
- April 15 - registration deadline is 3/10
- June 10 - registration deadline is 5/5
- July 15 - registration deadline is 6/15
Please reach out to your counselor if you need a fee waiver.