Preschool Blocks

Preschool Enrollment Survey 

The Green Meadow Preschool has a long tradition of providing children a nurturing, safe learning environment where each student is celebrated as a learner and provided with learning opportunities that meet their individual needs. In order to provide that opportunity to more area children, the Green Meadow Preschool is considering expanding their program.  Currently the program runs from Monday through Thursday 8:45-2:30.  The expanded program will run Monday through Friday from 8:45-2:30, with half day options (AM and PM) available.  The cost of Monday-Friday full day programing will be $900.00 per month, half days at $450.00 per month.  Expanded program offerings will include access to breakfast and lunch through the school lunch program and specialist classes like art, music, & physical education.  In order to ensure that the expanded program will meet the needs of Maynard and the surrounding communities, we are seeking feedback from parents of Preschool aged children.  If you have a child of preschool age please take a moment to fill out this brief survey. 

Interested in enrolling your child in Preschool at Green Meadow?  Check out our program information here!