School Closing
It is the policy of the School Department to close or delay the opening of school in cases of extreme weather or travel conditions. The Superintendent of Schools will make the decision about school closing or delayed opening (standard two-hour delay) after consultation with the Maynard Police Department, the bus company, and the Highway Department. Every effort will be made to make the decision by 5:00 AM. School closing will be announced in the following ways:

In the event that school is canceled or delayed due to inclement weather, the Maynard Public Schools will provide notice for parents via the following:

There are two (2) sources of information regarding school delays/closures:

  • Automated phone call to each home between 6:00-6:30 a.m. or in rare instances, the evening before.
  • Parents need to be sure their child’s school has the correct phone and email contact information.

WBZ TV – Channel 4;
Radio 1030AM (WBZ)
Web: http://wbztv.com/schoolclosings
Please do not call the Fire or Police Department for School Information.
DO NOT CALL "911".

Delayed Opening
In the event of a delayed opening, school will open two (2) hours after the regular starting time. School will be dismissed at the usual time on delayed opening days. If there is a delayed opening, no breakfast will be served on those days.

Occasionally a delayed opening will be later revised to a no school announcement if conditions worsen. Please stay tuned to the TV or radio for a possible cancellation notice after a delayed opening announcement.

Early Emergency Dismissal
In the event that an emergency early dismissal is required, the Maynard Public Schools will make every effort to contact parents via a calling chain managed by each building parents group.
Parents are encouraged to develop a family emergency plan with their children. This plan should address the following issues:

  • Where should a child go if he/she arrives home and their parent or other responsible person is not home?
  • Is a trusted neighbor usually home?
  • Should the child call the parent if he/she arrives home early?
  • What should the child do if they are "home alone"?

Radio: WBZ (1030 AM) and WRKO (680 AM)
Television: Channels 4, 5, and 7Recorded Message: WAVM - 978-897-5179 Town Whistle: The town whistle is no longer used to signal school delays or closings.