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February 9, 2012

posted Feb 10, 2012, 8:13 AM by   [ updated Feb 10, 2012, 8:30 AM ]
Tuesday was the 100th day of school.  Celebrations of this special occasion were evident throughout the school. Some classes celebrated by sharing their writing while others used problem solving to sort a variety of items in order to count to 100. Students shared hundreds of collections from home and school.  The pride in their accomplishments and learning throughout the year was evident as students celebrated this special milestone with their teachers and families.

The month of March brings a focus on Literacy.  On March 2 we will celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day.  We will be inviting local readers to come read their favorite stories to our students in their classrooms.   Coming to school during the school day to read to students emphasizes the value and importance that is placed on reading. We hope students will be excited to continue this celebration by sharing and discussing the range of high quality literature with their families at home.

We are excited to embark on a special collaboration with WAVM to continue showcasing the amazing writing our student authors are producing.  Students will have the opportunity to sign up to read their stories to be shared on WAVM.  High school students will come to Green Meadow to record students as they read for a later broadcast.  Any interested student must have permission from their families to participate.  Permission slips will be sent home with students who are interested in participating in this special opportunity to share their writing. We hope to celebrate the first taping on Read Across America Day.

Donna Dankner and Pamela Bator

News from Mrs. Mully’s First Grade Classroom

We celebrated day 100 with Mrs. Ewing and her students and did a variety of activities.  We counted to 100 in a number of ways: 10 tens, 20 fives, 2 fifties, 100 ones, and 4 twenty-fives.  Among other things, activities included counting 100 popcorn kernels in exchange for a bag of popped popcorn, counting 100 Skittles to be sorted and graphed, making a straw necklace with 100 pieces, making a Fruit Loops necklace with 100 loops, rolling a die 100 times and tally the outcomes, flipping a coin 100 times and tallying the outcomes, making 100 fingerprints, putting 100 cm-cubes along a meter-stick, doing 100 push-ups, doing a combination of 50 jumping jacks and 50 steps, and licking a lollipop 100 times.  Students could pick and choose from activities during the celebration. 

Flat Stanley and his clone, Flat Stanley, are visiting.  We got Flat Stanley from a friend in Albuquerque, NM, and now it is our turn to take Flat Stanley to different places.  We cloned Flat Stanley so he could visit with two families at the same time.  He is easy to travel with because he is small, flat and light!  So far, Flat Stanley and his clone have been to several homes in Maynard.  While visiting students, Flat Stanley has been grocery shopping, played video games, read Dr. Seuss, eaten donuts, slept in special beds, and worn a skiing helmet, and much, much more.  Flat Stanley even traveled to Japan a couple of weeks ago!  We are really enjoying working with Flat Stanley and cannot wait to hear more about his experiences.

Writing Workshop is going well and we work on “Small Moments” several times every week.  We focus on producing more writing as we move into the school year.  Students spend part of Writing Workshop with partners to review and edit each other’s work.  We are looking forward to meeting a real author on March 20 when Brian Lies visits first grade.  The visit is sponsored by the PTO.

The entire first grade will attend a presentation on Magnets by the Discovery Museum, Acton, at our school during the week of February 13-17.  The presentation is sponsored by the PTO.  We are preparing for the visit by exploring magnets in the classroom.  That same week we will have a Valentine’s celebration in the afternoon of February 14.  Another fun event to look forward to is Cabin Fever Day. Cabin Fever Day is planned for early March.   On this day, students can wear a pajama to school.  The day will be a normal school day sprinkled with fun moments.

News from Mr. Mehigan's Class

It is hard to believe that February vacation is right around the corner. Spring will be here before we know it!!!   Our class is really enjoying our daily writers' workshop.  We have been working on our realistic fiction stories for weeks and are hoping to plan our publishing party before the break.  They understand that writing is a process and takes time to develop the characters and plot.   We were fortunate enough to have a local published author, Justine St. John, come in and read her book to the class.  They loved the book and had lots of questions for her.  When I asked, "Who feels inspired and thinks they too can be a published author when they grow up?", every hand went up.

We have also turned our attention towards preparing for next month's MCAS tests by working on reading comprehension and written response questions from tests from previous years.  We will know what to expect and will be well prepared.  In math, we have recently completed our study of subtraction and division and look forward to time and geometry next. 

We recently learned our new school core values and have open discussions daily about what it means to be kind, safe learners.  These words are posted on our door and in our classroom and are on our minds in school.  We wish everyone a safe, fun-filled and relaxing vacation!

Dates to Remember:

  • February 9, 2012                   Officer Phil Program
  • February 10, 2012                 Early Release at 12:30
  • February 20-24, 2012            Winter Break
  • March 2, 2012                      Community Reading Day
  • March 2, 2012                      Early Release, 12:30
  • March 9, 2012                      Early Release, 12:30