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November 18, 2010

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Donna Dankner, Principal      Don Holm, Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal’s Message
With the completion of the third week of November, we are fast approaching the end of the month.    Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Thursday, November 25th in many homes, and school will close on Wednesday, November 24th at 11:25 AM; Lunch will not be served that day. I hope everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving break with family and friends. School will reopen on Monday, November 29th. Parent teacher conferences will be held on the afternoons of December 2nd and 3rd. The children will have an early dismissal, 11:25 AM, on December 2nd the 3rd; no lunch will be served.

There will be a receptacle in the lobby for donations of children’s clean gently used jackets, gloves and hats. The donated items will be used to outfit some of our needy children. With winter on its way, we want to make sure our kids are prepared for outside recess. All contributions will be gratefully accepted.

The colder weather is on its way, and within the next month, our parking lot capacity will be limited by snow. With that in mind, everyone needs to be mindful of safety. Parking is an issue at Green Meadow School. We ask that you respect our need to protect the staff parking lot for school faculty and staff. Here are a few additional reminders to help remind you of parking restrictions and opportunities:

•    The faculty parking area is for Green Meadow staff only. This parking lot reaches capacity each day, and any available spaces are designated for members of the Green Meadow staff. We need to remind parents who violate the intended use of our staff parking lot during arrival and dismissal. Parents who use this parking lot need to use the parent parking area near Crowe Park.
•    The Fowler School driveway adjacent to the staff parking lot should not be used for parking. This driveway is clearly marked as a no parking area, and persons parking along this driveway could receive a parking violation.
•    Parents are also reminded of the clearly marked fire lanes adjacent to Green Meadow School. Parents typically use this area for parking after school and during the evening. Parking in a fire lane is illegal. Some people even park in front of the hydrant near the school. Parents are advised to use the Green Meadow parent parking lot for student pickup after dismissal.
•    The Green Meadow parent parking lot is always open for free parent parking. Please exercise caution and safe practice during loading/unloading. If the Green Meadow parking lot fills, the Fowler School parking lot is also available, just a short walk away.

What To Do For Head Lice? At School? At Home?
Cases of head lice show up at school year round. The most important thing is to take action as soon as they are discovered. If head lice are discovered at school the parent is notified and the child is sent home to be treated. Next that child’s classmates are checked for head lice; again if more cases are discovered those children are also sent home for treatment. Siblings
are also checked for head lice. If the siblings have head lice, they too are sent home and their classmates are checked for lice.
If head lice are discovered at home two steps need to be taken; 1.) report the head lice to the nurse at your child’s school and 2.) call your pediatrician for a recommended treatment procedure.
Once your child has been treated for head lice they may return to school. However they must be brought to school by a parent and cleared to return by your school nurse. For complete information about head lice visit the following website:

Highlights from the Classroom:
Mrs. Messina’s Kindergarten Class

This month our class is learning about the history of Thanksgiving. We’ve learned why the Pilgrims left England and what the name of the ship was that brought them to America. We also learned that the Pilgrims did not want to come to Plymouth. More important was what happened when the Pilgrims met the Native Americans and how they learned to cooperate. We learned that the cooperation part was what Thanksgiving was all about!
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our class read several books about Pilgrims and Native Americans. One of our new favorites was, The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, re-told by, Tomie dePaola. The story inspired us to create our own sunset paintings. Those paintings are hanging in our Kindergarten wing so we can admire them just as Little Gopher did in the story.
We are very busy in Math, creating our number books from 0-9. We are learning all about what a set is and how it relates to the number we are learning. Anno’s Counting Book by Mitsumasa Anno, is helping us learn about sets. Learning how to make the numbers is so very important. We use small slates to help us form the numbers and then we write them in our book. Then, we make a set to show how many our number is.
Our room is a very busy place where learning never seems to stop!