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May 10, 2012

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This is the time of year when we celebrate the amazing accomplishment and learning that has occurred throughout the year.  Students are eagerly planning publishing parties, wax museums, and other special ways to showcase their learning achievements and skill development across all curriculum areas. Our third grade students are completing their MCAS Assessment which provides them with a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of complex mathematical concepts and higher level thinking skills. Students are participating in field trips to wonderful educational destinations such as the New England Aquarium and Drumlin Farm to enrich their curriculum experiences. Preparations are being made for the third grade ice cream social and for the showing of the DVD that celebrates their Green Meadow experience.

We hope everyone had an opportunity to visit the second grade art show at Artspace this week.  It was truly amazing to see the creativity and talent displayed in their beautiful artwork.  The Wall of Faces, CD cases, and self portraits showcased the wonderful curriculum provided to our students by our talented art teacher, Sharon Santillo.  The pride displayed by each student as they share their process and accomplishments with family and friends was as exciting as the art itself.  

The many improvements that will enhance our building for the becoming school year have begun.  The refinishing of the front hallway and the ramp is expected to be completed this weekend.  We look forward to arriving on Monday morning and seeing our core values prominently displayed on the ramp.  The packing crates have arrived, filling our entryway. After the school day, teachers are slowly beginning the process of sorting and packing instructional materials that are not being used at this time of the year to allow for the summer improvements.

The PTO is also beginning their preparations for the coming school year.  Many thanks to the dedicated and supportive PTO headed by President Michelle Grace for the amazing work they do.   From volunteering in the classroom to raising funds to support the many enrichment programs our students enjoy, the PTO is always ready and willing to support our school. Involvement in the PTO is a wonderful way to be active in the school community. The participation of all families is encouraged and welcomed.

Donna Dankner and Pamela Bator

News from Miss S...

In Social Studies, we recently wrapped up our unit on Earth Day.  Students learned about the history of Earth Day, the many different ways to take care of the Earth, and the importance of being “green”.  Students participated in our class “EARTH DAY CHALLENGE” and through this experience students learned about recycling, conservation, gardening, and pollution.  Students recorded the earth friendly activities they did, then worked as a group to divide the activities into 8 groups:  gardening, recycling, conserving, composting, educating, cleaning, animals, and organic things, and then tallied the data to see how many activities our class completed.  The final count is in and our class completed 107 EARTH DAY activities, what an amazing impact!    This is the most my class has ever done.  Great job to students and families and I encourage you to keep up these “green” activities at home.

Last week, we began our unit on continents.  Students are learning mapping skills and have created beautiful compass roses!  At the end of the unit students will be expected to identify each of the 7 continents, give facts about each continent, and identify the town, state, country, and continent they live in.  This unit includes many hands-on activities and projects and lots of great non-fiction literature.         

News from Mrs. Monahan’s Kindergarten Class:

In Creative Writing we have been working on a poetry unit.  We listened to the poetry of others, added several favorite poems to our poetry booklets and wrote a few of our own. We have just begun to write a piece recommending a favorite book to a friend.

In Math our latest unit involved working on addition and subtraction problems.  Then we wrote the equations to go along with them.  Next we will use ten frames to become familiar with larger numbers.

In their Reading groups the children have been doing a nice job sounding out words.  They have also been “reading” the pictures for clues to help them figure out the text.  They have done a nice job on their homework book reports.  

In Science we are talking about the forces of push and pull.  Gravity, friction and inertia have also been topics for discussion.  We just have to look out the window to continue our observation of the yearly cycle for our beautiful local trees.   Have a wonderful Spring!


Special Notes:

Staff Appreciation Luncheon: The Green Meadow PTO will be honoring the staff of Green Meadow for their dedication and hard work with a buffet luncheon on Friday May 11, 2012.  Volunteers are needed to provide food donations (salads, desserts, beverages) and to assist with duties on the day of the luncheon.   If you would like to donate food, please contact Tracy Fowler at 978.461.4953 or  If you would like to volunteer for set up or clean up, please contact Lee McDonagh at 978.897.0358 or

Third Grade DVD for Ice Cream Social: As part of the ice cream social celebration for our third grade classes, a DVD chronicling their years at Green Meadow will be viewed.    It will be a keepsake memory guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye!   Photos or Short Video Clips are needed from our families for this special video!  Please send along photos in an acceptable format to by Monday May 21st.  If you need to have photos scanned, please contact Kathy Gargas at

Green Meadow PTO Board Positions: The Green Meadow PTO is looking for parents to serve on the PTO Board for the 2012/2013 School Year!  Volunteering with the PTO is a great way to help with providing programs to enrich your child’s educational experience, make some new friends, and build a strong Green Meadow community.  Please contact Michelle Grace at or 978.897.1603 for more information.   Election of the 2012/2013 Board will take place at our June Meeting on Tuesday June 5th at 7 pm. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will consider being a part of the PTO Board!

On May 22, 2012 – Dr. Ross Greene presents Collaborative Problem Solving Dr. Ross Greene, renowned author of “The Explosive Child” and “Lost at School” will be in Maynard to present on Tuesday, May 22 from 7 pm to 9 pm in the Fowler School Auditorium.  This presentation will introduce parents and educators to the Collaborative Problem Solving Technique pioneered by Dr. Greene.  This event is free and open to the public.  Please RSVP to Jennifer O’Leary at 978-897-2705 or

Dates to Remember:

v      May 9-10, 2012               Grade 3 MCAS (Math)

v      May 11, 2012                  Early Release – 11:25 dismissal

v      May 17, 2012                  Preschool Drumlin Farm Field Trip

v      May 28, 2012                  Memorial Day, No School

v      May 31, 2012                  Kindergarten Orientation for incoming Kindergarten Families

v      June 9, 2012                   Pizza and Packing  9:00-2:00