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March 29, 2012

posted Mar 29, 2012, 3:44 PM by   [ updated Mar 29, 2012, 4:09 PM ]

Last night the Green Meadow cafeteria was filled to capacity with excited families for the Bingo for Books program sponsored by the Title 1 Program.  We were truly overwhelmed by the response to this special event. Approximately 250 people used sight words, teachers’ names, core values, and Dr. Seuss titles to create their Bingo cards.  It was wonderful to see so many families working together on this project.   Mr. Mehigan did an amazing job calling all the words and celebrating each Bingo. Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Coppola, Ms. Laferriere, Mrs. Krasinski, Mrs. Messina, and Ms. Mara recorded the words for all to see and served as table monitors, checking each Bingo as it was called. We would like to say a special thank you to the Title 1 staff, Mrs. Adamson, Ms. Matthei, Mrs. Corke, and Mrs. Enneguess who worked tirelessly over many weeks to prepare materials and plan every detail of this event in addition to their efforts throughout the evening.

We all enjoyed seeing the excitement and enthusiasm throughout the evening.  Each child was thrilled to be recognized as they shouted “Bingo” time after time. They bounded over to the book selection areas and carefully chose their book of choice as their coveted prize. Thank you to all the families who shared this special evening with us.  We look forward to hearing about the books from all the children as they read them throughout the year.

The annual PTO auction will be held this Saturday, March 31 at Stow Acres Country Club.  It is always such a wonderful opportunity to share an evening with friends while supporting the PTO.  Proceeds from this evening will support the activities and enrichment programs the PTO provides our school throughout the school year.  We hope you are able to join us for this special event.

Donna Dankner and Pamela Bator


Class Update for Mr. Thomas’ Class:

Mr. Thomas’ class has been hard at work since February vacation. We are really enjoying the new writing curriculum, and we are currently working on fiction stories. Earlier in the school year we completed writing units on personal narratives, realistic fiction, and essays. In all of our writing units, students select their own topic to write about, truly investing in the writing process.

In math we are currently wrapping up a unit on geometry. We’ve learned all about different types of lines, shapes, angles, and how to measure the perimeter and area of polygons. During this unit we also learned about symmetrical shapes, and the students created presidential portraits using symmetry.

During the year we rotate social studies and science units, and we recently completed a unit on life in early colonial America. We learned what life was like in the 13 colonies, and all about different jobs that people had during this time period. Currently, we are working on a sound unit in science. We learned that sound travels in waves and that the speed of sound is 343 meters per second, or around 1100 feet per second, and that it takes about five seconds for sound to travel one mile. Working in small groups, the class carried out an experiment to create telephones, testing different materials in order to see which materials made the best telephone.

We are looking forward to the remainder of the year as the weather warms.  Mr. Thomas is also looking forward to running in his first Boston Marathon on Patriots Day, which is April 16th!


Mrs. Krasinski’s Grade 3 Class:

The Krasinski classroom is very busy this Spring!  We took the MCAS last week in Language Arts. We are working on a picture and writing unit on poetry!  They are poets and did not know it!  In Math, we are working on geometry. The children are starting to see angles and lines everywhere! In Social Studies we are learning about the Revolutionary War.  There will be no taxation without representation in our class!  In Science, we are working on living things.  The children are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our tadpoles!  Spring will be a ribbiting time in our classroom!


Special Notes:

  • Bus sign-up for next year will begin on April 23, 2012.  Forms will be available at school offices and on our website beginning on April 20th.  (Please see forms under “Documents to Download”.)
  • The next SEPAC’s meeting is scheduled for April 2, 2012 with the title “Transition to Adulthood – Turning 14”, 7-9:00 p.m.
  • Parent conferences will be held on April 5-6.  Please note that early release will be at 11:25 each day.  No lunch will be served.

Dates to Remember:

v  March 31, 2012                     Green Meadow Auction

v  April 5-6, 2012                      Parent Conferences, 11:25 Dismissal each day

v  April 12, 2012                       Open House , 6:30 PM

v  April 13, 2012                       Kindergarten Screening

v  April 16-20, 2012                  April Vacation

v  April 27, 2012                       Kindergarten Screening

v  April 23, 2012                       Bus Registrations for the 2012-2013 School Year

v  May 9-10, 2012                     Grade 3 MCAS (Math)