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March 22, 2012

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What an exciting week at Green Meadow School! On Tuesday, our first grade students had the opportunity to learn from author Brian Lies.  He shared his experiences as a writer, even sharing some of his work as a second grade student. He connected his own writing to the process students are learning through their study of Writers’ Workshop. During his discussion, he created an illustration including the engaging bats from his books.  It was fascinating to watch as he turned each sketch into a complete illustration. Each classroom received an original illustration as a memory of this special author visit.

Second grade students enjoyed their annual visit with Claire Walker Leslie. She encouraged students to celebrate the beautiful weather by sketching the wildlife present at the vernal pool. Students created wonderful detailed drawings of hawks, bees, dew, cracked mud, pileated woodpecker, deer tracks, wood spider, and daffodils they observed in this natural environment. It was amazing to see the talents of our students.  Special thanks to the PTO and the Enrichment Committee for providing these special programs to us.

Our third grade students completed the MCAS Reading Assessment. It was so impressive to see the students using all the strategies their teachers have taught them for reading and writing.  The students took great pride in their comfort with the assessment and were excited by the opportunity to showcase their knowledge.

This year we have added spring parent conferences to our school schedule.  It is a wonderful opportunity for your child’s classroom teacher to share the academic progress and the extent of the learning that has occurred throughout the school year. Teachers are creating schedules that provide for these important conversations.  In order to ensure that teachers will have the opportunity to meet with each family, the length of each conference will be limited.  Report cards will be distributed on Thursday, March 29 in order to provide you with an opportunity for review prior to your conference.

Donna Dankner and Pamela Bator


News from Ms. Mara’s Grade 2 Class:

We were very excited this week to have another scientist come to work with us.  Clare Walker Leslie came to our classroom Wednesday morning and took us outside to do field work.  Clare first showed us how all naturalists set up their journals with the date and weather.  As we walked out across the dirt road, we immediately noticed what most of us assumed were ant hills.  Clare showed us how to identify these hills as bee hills.  This was the first of many things that fascinated us.  We walked to the field and quietly listened for birds.  A Cooper’s Hawk flew low over our heads.  We were speechless.  Clare identified the birds we could hear.  They were chickadee, junco, house sparrow, woodpecker, scarlet tanager, tufted tit mouse, and song sparrow.  We saw many interesting things, animal tracks, tiny flowers, a clump of fur, lots of different plants, rocks, a stick from a sumac tree, a little orange slug like creature on a group of pine needles, spider webs with dew drops and even a spider! Although we were sad to stop our science work and leave the field, we are all very interested in continuing this science work both at school and at home. 

What’s the Buzz from Mrs. Messina’s Hive…

Our class just had the pleasure of having one of our families from India come in and teach us about what life is like in India. We learned about animals and that the peacock is the national bird of India, cricket is the national pastime just as baseball is to us and the rupee is the currency of India. We tried on clothes native to India and we even did some special dancing to native Indian music. It was the best time ever!

We went to Worcester to see the play, Seussical The Musical!  It was a live performance and we just loved it. What a wonderful way to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss. The second best part of the trip was observing Worcester. Our class made a list of what we would see in the city and compared it to what we see in Maynard. We found the city to be an awesome and different place to visit.

Special Notes:

  • Bus sign-up for next year will begin on April 23, 2012.  Forms will be available at school offices and on our website beginning on April 20th.  (Please see forms under “Documents to Download”.)
  • The next SEPAC’s meeting is scheduled for April 2, 2012 with the title “Transition to Adulthood – Turning 14”, 7-9:00 p.m.
  • Bingo for Books, sponsored by Title 1, will be held on Wednesday, March 28 at 6:30 PM. 
  • The Federation for Children with Special Needs ( will be in Maynard to present on Monday, April 2nd from 7 pm to 9 pm in the Fowler library, 3 Tiger Drive.  The presentation is called “Turning 14: An Introduction to the Transition Planning Process; A Workshop for Parents and Professionals”. In Massachusetts Transition planning must begin at age 14 and continue throughout the high school years as students prepare to journey into a full and inclusive adult life. Coordinated and -continuous transition preparation promotes better post school outcomes for students with disabilities. This introductory Transition workshop will address:

Development of self-advocacy and self-determination skills to support the student’s vision.

How Transition Assessments identify students’ strengths and interests as well as areas of academic and functional skill development needed to support Transition goals.

How the Transition Planning Form guides the conversation to develop Transition goals which   lead to meaningful opportunities in education, training, employment and independent living. This event is free and open to the public.  For questions or more information you may go directly to the FCSN website at or you may contact Jennifer O’Leary at 978-897-2705 or

Dates to Remember:

v      March 21-22, 2012                    Grade 3 MCAS (Reading)

v      March 28, 2012                         Books and Bingo for all families, 6:30 PM

v      March 31, 2012                         Green Meadow Auction

v      April 5-6, 2012                          Parent Conferences – 11:25 AM Dismissals

v      April 12, 2012                           Open House

v      April 23, 2012                           Bus Registrations for the 2012-2013 School Year

May 9-10, 2012                           Grade 3 MCAS (Math)