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June 7, 2012

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It is so hard to believe that the school year is drawing to a close. Preparations for the summer work are well underway!  We will return in the fall to new floors, fresh paint, and greater energy efficiency.  This work will begin on June 18th and continue throughout the month of July.  During this time the school office will be closed and all summer programs will be held at Fowler.  We will continue working throughout the summer to prepare for the new school year. If you need to reach us, please leave a message on the school phone.  We will check and respond to messages regularly. We anticipate the office will reopen by the beginning of August when the work is complete. Please join us on Saturday, June 9 from 9:00-2:00 for Pizza and Packing if you are available.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who completed the parent survey forms. It was wonderful to share all the highlights each child experienced. The information you shared is very helpful in the planning process. Our schedule for the coming school year will include a dedicated literacy block in which each classroom will have an additional staff member to support small group instruction.  The teachers have worked diligently to create class lists that support instruction and community. Special considerations were given to the information shared by families in the letters submitted as well as ensuring positive peer groups in each newly created class. Class lists for the coming school year will be displayed on the front windows in early August.  We will continue the lunch recess schedules used this year.  The lunch and recess times for each class will be posted with the class lists. As this year, the early release schedule will generally be at 12:30 with a limited number of selected 11:25 dismissals for holidays and conferences.  Please consult the website for the district calendar with specific dates and times.

Thursday, June 14 will be the last day of school this year.  For the third grade students, it is the end of their Green Meadow experience and the beginning of their transition to Fowler.  We are so proud of their growth as learners and their emergence as caring and compassionate individuals.  They are ready for this important next step in their education and we are excited to be part of the celebration with a clap out as they exit the building on the last day of school.  If you would like to participate, please wait outside the building by 11:15 on the last day of school.

It has been a wonderful year, filled with learning, enrichment, and friendships.  The students have grown in their content knowledge and their ability to solve complex problems and think critically. Through the Writer’s Workshop curriculum initiative, our students have become expert writers who write with skills and voice.  Through the math initiatives, students have developed strong mathematical understanding and reasoning skills.  They have emerged as capable students who have a range of 21st century skills.  All students have embraced our core values that “We are kind. We are Safe. We are Learners.”

We would like to say a special thank you to PTO president Michelle Grace and all the dedicated PTO Board members and volunteers for their ongoing support and contributions throughout the year.  You truly made a difference in the education of our students and strengthened the community. For those third grade families who will be moving on, we will miss you and always consider you part of the Green Meadow Community. For those who will be returning in the fall, we wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing summer and look forward to seeing everyone in the fall for a another wonderful school year.                     

Donna Dankner and Pamela Bator


Special Message: It is important to recognize the important role of the staff in each student’s growth and progress.  Their dedication, commitment, and skill are the cornerstone of the high level instruction students enjoyed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all their efforts and hard work throughout the year.  The students were fortunate to have such wonderful teachers to provide their instruction.  I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to two wonderful educators.  First to Candace Ewing, a talented and beloved first grade teacher who will be retiring in the fall. Her love of learning and willingness to embrace new ideas and challenges gave each

student and incredible first grade experience.  We are so glad that although she will not be teaching first grade in the fall, she will remain as a member of the literacy staff for the first few months of school. Secondly, I would like to thank Pam Bator for an incredible year as the assistant principal at Green Meadow School. Her skill, energy, knowledge, and total commitment to students have made a tremendous impact on the school community.  We are so sorry that she will not be returning next year.  She will certainly be missed!               

Donna Dankner

News from Miss Bausmith’s Second Grade Class:

With just a couple of days left of the school year, second graders are still hard at work!
In Math, we are finishing up the year exploring measurement. We are having fun using rulers and measuring objects around the classroom.

In Writing, writers are finishing up their “How To” writing. These writing pieces teach readers how to do something step-by-step. We plan to celebrate our accomplishments next week with a publishing dance party!
In Reading, we have been working in groups on fairy tale plays. We have been reading our scripts over and over in order to read with fluency and expression! We are excited to show our family and friends what we’ve been working so hard on!
Thank you to everyone for helping to make this year so successful!!

News from Ms. Marchand-Ginnity's Kindergarten Class:

What an exciting time of year! The students get to celebrate all their accomplishments from the past year and reflect on all the memories they have created. As the school year comes to end, exciting things continue to happen in the classroom. We watched our caterpillars grow, form a chrysalis, turn into Painted Lady Butterflies and fly out of our classroom and into the world. The children kept daily science journals to capture this amazing life cycle.

We have enjoyed having our mystery poets join our class throughout the past few weeks as we learn about, enjoy and write our own poems in class. In Writers Workshop we are getting ready to have our last publishing party as we celebrate our “All About” writing pieces. The children have enjoyed being teachers by writing detailed pieces about their favorite topics. As we end our kindergarten journey the children are getting very excited for what is around the corner…first grade!

Special Notes:

Green Meadow PTO Board Positions: The Green Meadow PTO is looking for parents to serve on the PTO Board for the 2012/2013 School Year!  Volunteering with the PTO is a great way to help with providing programs to enrich your child’s educational experience, make some new friends, and build a strong Green Meadow community.  Please contact Michelle Grace at or 978.897.1603 for more information.   Election of the 2012/2013 Board will take place at our June meeting on Tuesday, June 12th at 7 pm.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will consider being a part of the PTO Board!

Thank you:  A HUGE thank you to the third grade parents who sent in water bottles, and came in to help with Field Day this week!  I could not have done this without you!  Mrs. Hazel


Dates to Remember:

v     June 9, 2012                         Pizza and Packing  9:00-2:00

v     June 12, 2012                       Preschool End-of-Year Celebration

v     June 12, 2012                       PTO Meeting

v     June 13, 2012                       Grade 3 Ice Cream and DVD Event

v     June 14, 2102                       Last Day of School, 11:25 dismissal