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January 26, 2012

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 Nurturing Thinkers: Curriculum and Assessment was the topic of our recent parent discussion. We enjoyed a thoughtful and spirited discussion about the changing role of curriculum and instruction in preparing our students for 21st Century learning. We explored the importance of creativity and collaboration in the development of critical thinking skills that will enable our children to be effective problem solvers.  The integration of technology into instruction continues to support students application of skills and strategies.   We also explored the changes in how we assess student understanding, offering greater opportunities for each student to demonstrate their knowledge.   Information gained through ongoing assessment helps us decide the next steps in student learning. Many thanks to the parents who joined us for this special discussion.  

Kindergarten Registration is such a special time at Green Meadow School. We really enjoy meeting all of the new families and welcoming them to the Green Meadow community.  Some of our Green Meadow students had an opportunity to share their excitement and welcome their siblings to the incoming kindergarten class. We look forward to seeing our new kindergarten families as they visit classes in March and our new students during kindergarten screening in April.  If you have friends or neighbors with kindergarten age students that have not yet registered, please remind them to come to school to register.

Donna Dankner and Pamela Bator

News from Miss Laferriere’s first grade class:

In Miss Laferriere’s first grade class, we just finished an author/illustrator study on Jan Brett.  Everyone enjoyed using the details Jan puts in her famous page borders to help form accurate predictions. We learned that Jan Brett travels to gain inspiration for her books and lives in Massachusetts!

In writers’ workshop we have been learning about adjectives and descriptive phrases.  Every workshop we practice using these techniques to make our writing more interesting.

We recently began a science unit on weather.  We have learned about the different types of clouds and will soon learn about the water cycle.  If you want to know how a rainbow is formed, come by our classroom!

We cannot believe we have been in school for almost 100 days!  The first graders continue to work hard and cannot wait to see what the rest of the school year has in store!  Miss Laferriere J


Ms. Little’s third grade class has been working hard in the New Year!

In Math, we are learning more about subtraction.  We reviewed when to use subtraction and how to regroup with two digit numbers. Then we practiced subtracting three digit numbers, subtracting four digit numbers, and subtracting across zeroes. We have also learned some new strategies to use when subtracting using mental math.  Several new dice and card games we’ve learned have helped us practice as well.

In Science, we are exploring matter. We started the unit with an interesting class discussion about what we already know, what we would like to know, and what questions we have about matter. We learned about the states of matter through the website Brainpop, and identified the properties of different items in our classroom and in magazines. We’re looking forward to investigating physical and chemical changes of matter in the weeks to come.

In Language Arts, we are becoming more fluent and independent readers by implementing the Daily 5 in our classroom. We practice listening to reading, reading to someone, and reading to ourselves each day. Students have self-selected a variety of genres and reading materials to choose from in their book bags. We’ve also been learning new activities to help us practice spelling and phonics to help us become better readers and writers.

In Writing Workshop, we are working on our realistic fiction stories. As part of the drafting part of the writing process, we created story draft booklets. Each booklet was made up of story “scenes” that contained small actions, dialogue, thoughts and feelings, and description. At this point, we are using the netbook laptops to type our stories and hope to edit, illustrate, and publish them soon!

Special Notes:

·          Please remember to send hats, boots, and snow pants to school for ourdoor recess during cold and snowy weather.  We try to keep extra winter clothing at school for occasions when students forget.  If you have extra gloves or boots that you don’t need, we would appreciate having them at school to be available as needed.

·          The Green Meadow PTO Spring Auction is scheduled for Saturday, March 31st, at Stow Acres Country Club.  We hope you will put the date on your calendars and come out to join us for a fun time raising money for our children and building up our school community. The proceeds from this event make up over 75% of the yearly budget for the PTO and are used to fund our Enrichment and other PTO sponsored programs. We need our Green Meadow Families to make it a successful auction!  Please consider making a family or business donation to this year’s auction.  A flyer was sent home a few weeks ago with suggestions of items to donate as well as an opportunity to purchase one of our Pre Made Gift Baskets to be auctioned at the event.  The Auction Committee truly appreciates our families and their donations to this event!  If you need more information about donating an item or a copy of the donation flyer, please contact Michelle L. Grace at

Dates to Remember:

January 27, 2012                                    Early Release at 12:30

January 31, 2012                                    Once Upon a Caring Classrooom Enrichment Program

February 3, 2012                                    Early Release at 12:30

February 9, 2012                                    Officer Phil Program

February 10, 2012                                  Early Release at 12:30

February 20-24, 2012                             Winter Break