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Green Meadow Newsletter May 2, 2013

posted May 7, 2013, 8:10 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

Green Meadow News                

May 2, 2013                                              Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                            Christopher Fleming, Assistant Principal


          Spring has finally arrived!  We are certainly enjoying the warm weather and the beautiful sunshine.  However, we are also reminded of the impact of the winter snow had on our schedule and instructional time.  Given the many schedule adjustments that occurred throughout the winter, we have changed the dates of the grade 3 Math MCAS administration to Monday, May 13th and Tuesday, May 14th. 


            Spring is also the time when students in grades one through three showcase their musical learning during grade level concerts.  On Friday, May 3rd at 8:40, families will join us for a special performance by our first grade students.  They will share music and movement from the rich first grade music curriculum that highlight their skills and talents.  The second grade concert will be held on Friday, May 17th while the third grade evening concert will be held on Tuesday, June 4th. We hope you are able to join us for these special performances.


                                                                                                Donna Dankner             

News From Mrs. Mooradian’s PreK Class:

Our latest theme in preschool involves animals- various kinds, their behaviors, their life cycles and their habitats.  The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about life in and around the pond, those animals that live in the North American forests, and insects, arachnids and annelids commonly found in their backyards.   We will continue our investigation of animals by exploring domesticated animals found on the farm.  This investigation is highlighted by our upcoming fieldtrip to Drumlin Farm.  An additional anticipated event is our second Preschool Art Show which showcases art work of various mediums and all which correlates with curriculum themes presented since January.  As we near the end of our preschool year, we anticipate our End-of-Year Celebration, a reception focusing on the recognition of student learning and collaboration with families which occurred throughout the past school year.


News From Mr. Thomas’ Grade 3 Class:

Mr. Thomas’ class recently began a writing unit on poetry. Over the next few weeks, the class will be learning about eight different types of poems, and writing poems that are all related to the same theme. The four types of poems that they have covered so far are Acrostic, Cinquain, Ballads, and Haiku. In math, the class recently wrapped up a unit on fractions, and they are now doing some work on money and time.

Mr. Thomas’ class has been learning all about the events that preceded the American Revolution. Recently, they began working on letters about three major events: The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, and The Battle of Lexington & Concord. Pretending that they witnessed one of these events, students are writing a letter to a friend or family member explaining what they saw.

            Mr. Thomas also recently became a first time father. His son, Jackson Edward Thomas, was born on April 1, which is of course April Fool’s Day. At least many people won’t forget Jackson’s birthday. Mr. Thomas is learning to function on a bit less sleep now!

Special Notes:


  • ART MATERS – All invited to art show and reception!  Tuesday, May 7th, at ARTspace, 63 Summer Street, from 5-8pm.  Each 2nd grader has 5-6 pieces of art to show.  We hope you can join us.
  • The end of the year is fast approaching.  The third graders will be ending their time at Green Meadow soon.  This is a very exciting time for them.  Thanks to the PTO, as part of the celebration each third grader will receive a DVD of pictures of their years at Green Meadow.  This DVD will be played at the ice cream social too!  If you have pictures of your child in school or at school related functions please send them to Tifany Kennedy at If you have many pictures to share feel free to email Tifany to make other arrangements.  Pictures are due by May 17, 2013.  Thank you. 
  • EXCEL Summer Programs are open to all Maynard students K-7.  Information/registration is available online or call 978-897-8021.  Go to Green Meadow School - Family/EXCEL - Documents to Download
  • The Maynard Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) invites you to attend a presentation on Promoting Social Skills in Young Children, presented by Kaitlin Roessle-Meerman, M.A., C.A.S., N.C.S.P., School Psychologist at Maynard Public Schools.  This presentation will provide parents/caregivers with an introduction to social skills.  The presentation will take place on May 6, 2013 at the Fowler School Library, 3 Tiger Drive, Maynard from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m.  Please RSVP to Jennifer O’Leary at or 978-897-2705.  Learn more about the Maynard Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) at
  • Our lost and found is overflowing.  Please check the lost and found for any items your child may have lost.  We will be donating all unclaimed items at the end of the school year.
  • Please have students wear sneakers during recess to help them to run and play safely.


Dates to Remember:

v     May 3, 2013                           Grade 1 Concert, 8:40 A.M.

v     May 3, 2013                           Early Release-12:30 Dismissal

v     May 7, 2013                           Grade 2 Art Exhibit at ARTspace

v     May 10, 2013                           Early Release-11:25 Dismissal

v     May 13, 14, 2013                     Grade 3 Math MCAS

v     May 17, 2013                        Grade 2 Concert , 8:40 AM

v     May 17, 24, 2013                  Kindergarten Screening

v     May 22, 2013                        Last day of Registration for  2013-14 Immersion Kindergarten              

v     June 4, 2013                          Grade 3 Concert, 7:00 PM

v     June 19, 2013                       PreSchool End-of-Year Celebration

v     June 20, 2013                       Last day of Preschool

v     June 21, 2013                       Last day of School – 11:25 Dismissal