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Green Meadow Newsletter March 14, 2013

posted Mar 15, 2013, 11:53 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

Green Meadow News                

March 14, 2013                                         Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                            Christopher Fleming, Assistant Principal

        Everyone is looking forward to the Hoops A Thon this evening.  This special fund raiser allows the current second grade to sponsor the Vernal Pools program for the incoming class. We are so proud of our students for their commitment to supporting the Green Meadow community by making sure the Vernal Pools program is available for the next second grade class.

            The response for the Bingo for Books program has been truly overwhelming, surpassing last year.  We truly wish we could accommodate everyone but we must comply with fire codes and respect the attendance capacity of the space within the building.    As a result, all registration forms received by Wednesday, March 6th  have been included in the program which fills the capacity of our space.  As confirmation of your registration, we will be sending a packet of bingo cards to complete with your child.  Please bring the completed cards to the registration area when you check in for this program on Thursday, March 21st.  Also, to maximize space and enable everyone to move freely about the cafeteria, we ask families not to bring strollers to the program.

If your registration was received on Thursday, March 7th or later, you should have received a yellow form notifying you that you are on the wait list.   This form was distributed through your child’s backpack. We will notify families as space becomes available.  We truly appreciate your understanding of our space limitations and that we will not be able to accommodate registrations at the door.

The amazing response to the Bingo for Books program has encouraged us to consider developing additional family programs.  We welcome ideas and suggestions for family events as we plan going forward. 

Parent conferences will be held on Friday, March 29th and Thursday, April 4th.  Please be certain to contact your child’s teacher to schedule a conference. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with each family to discuss student progress.

                                                                                                Donna Dankner


Mrs. Smart’s Kindergarten

March in Kindergarten is very busy.  It marks the end of the third term and the beginning of “the rest of the year,” most commonly called the third term. All the teachers will be meeting with our students’ families to discuss their child’s strengths, weaknesses and goals for the remainder of kindergarten. WOW! How time flies. It seems like yesterday it was my turn to write for this news letter and I was telling you how the children were settling into kindergarten.


The writers in my class just completed a unit on revision. The writers focused on rereading their pieces to themselves and friends in order to add, revise, and correct their pieces. When the children were finished I asked them to take a colored pencil and write on top of every upper case letter that should be lower case. Their final draft looked a little messy but the learning and growth were amazing. Our next unit in writing will be an author study of Angela Johnson. The children will read books by Angela Johnson, study her craft, and experiment using her techniques in their writing. This unit transitions away from writing “small moments”  to writing longer connected stories.


In Math, the children have learned to count to 100 by ten’s and one’s. They can recognize and tell the attributes of a circle, square, triangle, rectangle and hexagon. They are beginning to learn about 3 dimensional shapes: cube, sphere, cone, and cylinder. In addition, they are writing and solving addition and subtraction math equations to five and some of the children are going beyond.


What's happening in Mr. Mehigan's class?

The big news is that our class stuffed animal "Sharky" has been sharknapped!!  We have been receiving clues posted in class which have been leading us to the identity of the sharknapper.  The clues are typed so we can't trace the writing and written in poetry form.  If you have any information as to the whereabouts of Sharky, you are asked to contact The Green Meadow School.  From our series of clues we have been able to eliminate from our list of suspects: male teachers, kindergarten and second grade teachers and people that do not have brown hair or short hair.  We have now focused our investigation on 9 key remaining suspects.   Thank you for any help you may provide as to Sharky's whereabouts. 

In lighter news, we have been preparing for next week's English Language Arts MCAS tests.  We are well prepared and absolutely NOT concerned or stressed at all about these tests.  We are studying the phases of matter in science and this week witnessed a soda can implode (crush) in class simply due to a change in air pressure caused by water vapor (steam) condensing as it returns to it's liquid form. Cool!!   Soon we will be creating a substance that takes on the physical properties of both liquids and solids (0obleck).  What a mess but what fun?!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day everybody!


Special Notes:


  • The Maynard Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) invites you to attend a presentation on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) - what it is and how is it used for students - presented by Brian Macauley, Maynard Autism Specialist. The presentation will take place on April 1, 2013 at The Fowler School Library, 3 Tiger Drive, Maynard from 7:00 to 8:45 pm.

This event is free and open to the public, Please RSVP to Jennifer O’Leary at 978-897-2705.  Learn more about The Maynard Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) at

  • Save the Date for Green Meadow Spring Auction and Social 2013: Please come join us on the evening of April 27th, 2013 at the Maynard Elks for our Annual Spring Auction and Social to raise money for programs and supplies for our school and come together as a Green Meadow community. 


Dates to Remember:

v     March 14, 2013                     Grade 2 Hoops a Thon (rescheduled from March 7)

v     March 15, 2013                     Early Release, 12:30 Dismissal

v     March 19, 20, 2013              Grade 3 MCAS

v     March 21, 2013                     Books and Bingo  (Snow date March 28)

v     March 22, 2013                     Early release, 12:30 Dismissal

v     March 29, April 4                   Parent Conferences 11:25 Dismissal

v     April 1, 2013                          SEPAC - Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) 7:00 PM

v     April 4, 2013                          Parent Conferences 11:25 Dismissal

v     April 5, 2013                          Early Release 11:25 Dismissal

v     April 11, 2013                        Family Open House

v     April 12, 2013                        Community Reading Day

v     April 15-19, 2013                  Spring Break

v     April 27, 2013                        Green Meadow Auction

v     May 3, 2013                           Grade 1 Concert, 8:40 A.M.

v     May 17, 2013                        Grade 2 Concert , 8:40 AM

v     June 4, 2013                            Grade 3 Concert, 7:00 PM