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Green Meadow Newsletter 6-12-2014

posted Jun 12, 2014, 6:58 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

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June 12, 2014                                   Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                Debbie Bresnick, Assistant Principal


             Our first Service Day and Fish Reading Celebration was an amazing success. The beautiful weather certainly enhanced the enjoyment of the day. Students spent some time in the morning placing mulch in the newly planted flower beds in the front of the building, working in the courtyard, and improving the playground area.  They worked tirelessly and with endless enthusiasm, knowing they were making an important contribution to their school.  Pride was evident as each grade level completed their designated task.

            We then transitioned to a celebration of reading.  An exciting relay was held to fill a pool with all of the fish that have been displayed throughout the school.  The students were amazed to see that the books they read filled the entire pool!  Students also participated in a variety of activities including music, stories with Mark Malcolm from the library, and outdoor music.  Another highlight was our first Green Meadow Cook Out.  Throughout the day, I heard many excited comments such as, “This is the best day ever!” and, “I wish this day would never end”.  I would like to thank the staff, students, and volunteers who made this day such a success.

            This school year has certainly flown by!  It has been a year filled with learning, friendships, enrichment, and growth.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for the incredible instruction and support they provide each day to all our students.  At the close of this school year we will be saying goodbye to some of our beloved staff members who are embarking on new phases in their lives.  Sharon Santillo is retiring after 27 years of teaching art in Maynard.  She has touched the lives of each elementary student, instilling in them a love of art while developing their creativity.  Roz Monahan is retiring after 26 years of teaching kindergarten.  Her warmth and nurturing have provided so many students with a solid foundation and memorable first school experience.  Hanne Mully is moving after 12 years of teaching first grade in Maynard.  She has played such an important role in developing the emergent reading and math skills of many students, enabling them to move forward as successful learners. We are so saddened to see them go but we thank them for their many contributions and dedication to our school.  We wish them much happiness in their new ventures.

Thursday, June 19 is the last day of school this year.  For our third grade students, it is the end of their Green Meadow experience and the beginning of their transition to Fowler School.  We are so proud of their growth as learners and their emergence as caring and compassionate individuals.  They are ready for this important next step in their education.  We have many exciting activities planned to celebrate their achievement.  The third grade field day will be held on Tuesday, June 17. Given the timing, there will not be a rain date but there will be alternative activities in the gym in the event of rain.  On Wednesday, June 18, the third grade students will gather to share a DVD that highlights their experiences at Green Meadow School.   

For the culminating activity, we invite you to come to school on Thursday, June 19 at 11:00 as our third grade students take a final walk around the building as Green Meadow students. This year we are implementing a new procedure for this ending march that will enable all to see the students and celebrate their accomplishment.  We will follow the same process as the Monster March held each fall:

v      Upon arriving at school, families should find a viewing spot outside, around the circle in the front of the school.

v      The third grade will exit the building through the door by the kindergarten wing and walk down the side walkway and around the circle, following the same path as the Monster March.

v      They will then reenter the building through the doors near the library and proceed to march around the school.  All other students will be seated in the hallways to greet the third graders as they go by.

v      The third graders will then return to their classrooms for an opportunity to gather as a class for the final time, saying goodbye to their teachers and classmates.

v      Once the third graders have reentered the school, we ask all families to meet them at the usual dismissal locations to ensure we can maintain safety and account for all students.


We hope this revised procedure will enable all families to see their children as they walk by to celebrate their accomplishments.  This also allows each student in the school to view the third graders and wish them well.   Hopefully the weather will cooperate as it did for our Service Day and Fish Celebration.  If not, we will make appropriate adjustments. We look forward to this special opportunity to recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their many achievements.

 Throughout the year our students have grown in their content knowledge and their ability to solve complex problems and think critically. They have developed as capable students who have a range of 21st century skills.  All students have embraced our core values, emerging with a conviction that “We are kind. We are Safe. We are Learners.”

We would like to thank all the members of the community who volunteer their time and talents and continuously offer their assistance and support. We would also like to say a special thank you to PTO president Michelle Grace and all the dedicated PTO Board members and volunteers for their ongoing support and contributions throughout the year that are so important to the education of our students and enrich our community. For those third grade families who will be moving on, we will miss you and always consider you part of the Green Meadow Community. For those who will be returning in the fall, we wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing summer and look forward to seeing everyone in the fall for another wonderful school year.      

Donna Dankner

Special Notes:

·        Please send a note to your child’s teacher anytime he/she will not be following the normal dismissal routine.  Please remember to follow this procedure on the last day of school as well.

·        During the coming school year, dismissal time for all early release days will be 11:45.  This schedule will provide the consistency while maintaining the same learning time. A specific schedule will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.

·        Reminder that the Boys & Girls Club will be CLOSED next week-June 16-20


A Special Message from Mrs. Santillo : Thank you,  Maynard!

This year will be my last one at Green Meadow School. Teaching art is the very best career that I could have ever chosen and I am so lucky that I landed in Maynard, Massachusetts just when they needed an art teacher. A story was told to me years later about my job interview with Principal Frank Hill, Assistant Principal Don Holm and art department head, B.J. Smith. As I exited the interview room and went into the hallway, B.J. is quoted as saying “Well, unless the next one walks on water, she has the job!” 

              I have worked for twenty-seven years sharing my passion for art with my students with the same enthusiasm as Italian professors shared theirs with me in Rome so many years ago when I spent a summer semester in Europe and fell in love with art. My creativity has bloomed and blossomed and I have had the privilege of being a witness to that creative spark in Maynard’s youngest artists.

They say all good things must come to an end, but I can’t imagine a time when I hear of Maynard and a smile doesn’t come to my lips and warmth into my heart. I wish each and every one of you a happy, creative life.


A Special Message  from Ms. Lilley:

Concert Thank You!  I missed announcing my thank-yous at the end of the third grade concert.   As with the first and second grade concerts, so many people helped! Special thanks to:  the third grade teachers and support staff for encouraging students to learn as much as they can, take chances, and do their best; to those teachers and support staff who attended the rehearsal and the concert;  to the administrators for supporting and attending our concert; to the custodians for a big set-up and take-down process; to the office staff for fielding questions and keeping track of rescheduled classes/rehearsals; to the families who attended and celebrated their students achievements; and most of all, to the students who worked so hard to present a year’s worth of musical learning including unison, harmony, small group, large group, singing, instrumental, teacher-led, and student led selections.  Bravo! – Miss Lilley

Dates to Remember                        


Ø       June 16                         Preschool End of Year Celebration

Ø       June 17                         Grade 3 Field Day

Ø       June 18                         Third Grade Celebration

Ø       June 19                         Last day of School, 11:35 Dismissal

Ø       August 27                     Meet and Greet 2:00 PM

Ø       August 28                     First Day of School