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Green Meadow Newsletter 3/20/2014

posted Mar 20, 2014, 7:13 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

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March 20, 2014                                Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                Debbie Bresnick, Assistant Principal


Communication about student learning is an important aspect of our home school connection. Today you are receiving your child’ report card which provides us with an opportunity to share information about each child’s progress throughout the year.  During parent conferences on April 3 and April 4, parents and teachers are able to have a detailed discussion based on these progress reports, classroom assessments, and student work. If you have not already scheduled a conference, please contact your child’s teacher to select a convenient time. 

I would like to share an update on our staff.  Special Educator Lisa Boardman and Speech and Language Pathologist Jodi Barron will begin their maternity leaves later this month.  We wish them well and look forward to the news and pictures of their new additions. We are delighted to welcome Sarah Bourke who will be returning to Green Meadow as a Special Educator in Kindergarten and Susanne Breen as a Speech and Language Pathologist to fill these roles. In addition Jennifer Stone and Stacy Wood will be joining us as paraprofessionals. 

Our next parent coffee will be held on Wednesday, March 26 at 8:45 AM focused on “Quality Time verses Screen Time: Should we be unplugging our children?”.  During this time we will be exploring the complex issue facing many families in creating balance for children with the availability of technology.  We hope you are able to join us for this important discussion.

                   Donna Dankner             

Ms. Lilley’s Music Classes:

In Music…. K! Last week, the kindergarteners welcomed family members to an open music class.  Families watched us sing The Princess Pat, joined us in playing instruments to Vivaldi’s Spring, saw us move gently to the phrases of Saint-Saëns’s The Swan, and learned to sing Fiddle-i-fee.  1! First graders are reading music notes now.  Ask them to make up a pattern using du and du-de (our syllables for quarter and eighth notes).  They’re also starting new cumulative songs including The Seed Song and There Was an Old Lady2! Second graders are starting Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World and playing bass bars, snare drum, and ride cymbal for  Charlie Parker Played Bebop. 3! Anyone that knows a third grader, may already be aware that they have just started a nonsense song called Risseldy Rosseldy.  If you haven’t heard it yet, challenge one of them to sing it for you; the tongue twister at the end will leave you speechless . . . risseldy-rosseldy, hey bombasity, nickety-nackety, retrical quality, willoby-walloby, mow mow mow.

Mrs. Smart’s Kindergarten Class:

It is hard to believe that the year is 2/3 completed.  Second term report cards go home today and spring starts today.  The children have had indoor recess for so many consecutive days it is amazing they are doing so well.

            In math, most of the children can count to 100 by 1’s and 10’s. They can recognize and write the numerals 0 to 20.  In addition, they can make groups to represent the numerals.  They know that in addition the group gets larger and in subtraction it gets smaller. They can solve problems to five and many can solve problems to ten and above.  We are working on one more and one less. We are also working on place value.  We know the two dimensional shapes and are beginning to name and define three dimensional shapes.

            This is the time of year where kindergarten children’s reading really takes off. The author of the month in our room is Dr. Seuss.  I placed many of his books around the room and so many of the children are taking one of his books and teaching themselves to read it.

            In writing, we just completed a unit on revision. We learned how to make our writing better by adding details to it.  The children also learned how important it is to reread their writing.  They added speech bubbles to their stories and some added labels to make their writing more interesting.  Our next unit is an author study.  We will be reading books by Mo Willems and Angela Johnson. We will try to incorporate some of their writing styles into our writing.

            In word work, we can sound out to read and write consonant/vowel/consonant words. We know how to make the vowel say its long sound and we know all the blends plus sh, ch, wh, and th.  Our sight word list has increased.  We can blend sounds together to read words and we can segment words into their parts.  We are learning about syllables.  Later in the month we will learn when to use “c” or “ck” in words.

            In science, we learned the earth is made of rock, dirt, and water. We talked about gravity.  The children learned the difference between a globe and a map.  Our next science unit will be planting. 



Special Notes :


Ø      Staying Connected in a Wired World: Cyber safety and healthy online behavior presented b the Middlesex District Attorney’s office

This presentation will be in the Auditorium, on Monday, May 5, 2014 at Maynard High School, 1 Tiger Drive, Maynard, MA  from 7-9:00 PM.  Join Ariana Coniglio, the Prevention and Education Coordinator for Middlesex Partnerships for Youth, to boost your understanding of the issues.  Ms. Coniglio has a Masters in Public Health and experience working with youth groups around the issues of teen dating violence, bullying, and cyber-bullying.  The workshop will examine trends and take a practical approach to cyber safety and how to promote healthy behavior online.  Parents will be  given tips on protecting their children from online predators, and ideas on how to instill common sense behavior in their child’s digital life.  The presentation is free and open to the public.  This presentation was made possible by collaboration between the Acton, Maynard and Sudbury Special Education Parent Advisory Councils.  To RSVP, please email one of the following contacts: Acton, Nancy Sherburne at; Maynard, Jen O’Leary at; Sudbury, Paula Moyer at  You are welcome to attend any workshop in or outside your immediate community.

Ø      As you enter the building, please do not let others in behind you.  It is important for us to be certain we have checked each visitor to our building to ensure safety for all.

Ø      School begins at 8:30.  Supervision for students begins at 8:15. Please do not drop students off for school prior to 8:15 to ensure safety.  If you need an early arrival program, please contact EXCEL for availability.


Dates to Remember


Ø      March 21                                            Early Release, 12:40 dismissal

Ø      March 26                                            Parent Coffee, 8:45 AM

Ø      March 28                                            Early Release, 11:35 dismissal  

Ø      April 3, 4                                             Spring Conferences (11:25 dismissal)

Ø      April 3                                                 New Kindergarten Orientation Evening

Ø      April 4,11                                           Kindergarten Screening

Ø      April 16                                               Family Open House, 6:30 PM