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Green Meadow Newsletter 1/26/2017

posted Jan 26, 2017, 10:33 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

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January 26, 2017                                 Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                Debbie Bresnick, Assistant Principal     


            Through the Responsive Classroom social curriculum, we establish a strong school community in an environment of acceptance and respect.  We learn to discuss and solve problems together, developing an understanding of the impact of our actions on others.  Through the Zones of Regulation, a component of the Social Thinking Curriculum, we are able to extend this understanding and acceptance.  During our most recent parent coffee, our school adjustment counselor Ann Rutherford facilitated a discussion of these strategies and ideas that support our children through the complex relationships and challenges by developing self- awareness as well as an understanding of expected and unexpected reactions.  During grade level meetings as well as classroom and small group discussions, she supports students in their understanding of the Zones of Regulation and how this helps them to understand their feelings and respond to challenging situations.  This focus continues to have a positive impact on our students. We would like to share the concepts and vocabulary the students are learning with families so you can continue the conversation at home. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information.

 Donna Dankner

 A Message from Ann Rutherford, our School Adjustment Counselor

The Zones of Regulation (or “The Zones” for short) involve four different colored zones that help students gain skills in the area of emotional self-regulation.  Self-regulation can go by many names, such as self-control, self-management, and impulse control.  The zones describe our emotional state at any given time, and they can and do change throughout our days.

At any given time we are experiencing one of the four different zones.  When in the green zone, we feel “good to go” and show control, this is the zone student generally need to be in for schoolwork and for being social.  Some green zone feelings include happy, calm, ready to learn, and thankful.  If we are in the yellow zone we need to slow down, because we are starting to lose control.  Frustrated, silly, annoyed, grouchy, upset, and nervous are a few of the yellow zone feelings.  If we are in the yellow zone and we don’t slow down we could end up in the red zone, which means that we are out of control.  Other red zone feelings include angry, aggressive, yelling, and mean.  The blue zone is used to describe low states of alertness, such as when one feels sad, tired, sick or bored.  This is when our bodies and/or brains are moving slowly or sluggishly.

It is important to remember that the zones describe our emotional state rather than our behavior, and there is nothing inherently wrong with being in any of the zones.  The zones are intended to be neutral and not communicate judgment. There is a saying “all feelings are okay, it’s what you do with them that counts”.  When talking to children about their zones, it can be helpful to distinguish between their zones and the actions they choose in order to express how they’re feeling.  While feeling that one is in the red zone is okay, expressing it by kicking or breaking things is not.

 News from Grade 2 Mrs. Jones’ room

We are very excited to report that our 100 day community service project is up and running!  As a second grade team we are hoping to collect a 100 food items for the Maynard food Pantry.  Our 100th day of school will be February 8th weather permitting.  We had a hands on science lesson with Erika Whitmore, our visiting scientist. We learned what archeologists do.  We were able to be archeologists digging through small middens and finding artifacts.  Our job was to identify the artifact and how it could be used.  We are finishing up our Gingerbread exchange letters and making a class book to share that contains the letters and the gingerbread people who traveled across the country to us! 

What’s the Buzz in Mrs. Messina’s Room:

We have been busy working on weather!  Students have been charting temperature in Maynard and a place in the southern hemisphere. Why you might ask?  The class has learned that due to the rotation and tilt of the earth seasons are not the same between the northern and southern hemisphere.  We graphed the temperatures and found that as Maynard’s temperature was going down, the temperatures in the southern hemisphere were going up!

We also learned about biomes or areas such as desert, tundra, grassland, rainforest and savanna.  We found what plants, animals, rainfall and characteristics each area has.  We turned that into an information pamphlet to share.  

 A special Message from Mrs. Mazeika’s Kindergaten Class

Every year my kindergarteners and I do an author study on Jan Brett.  It is so much fun to see the enjoyment they experience as we explore Jan's books and discover her unique and creative style of writing and illustrating.  If our school wins this contest, my students, in addition to all the children at my school, would have the rare and exciting opportunity to meet this extremely talented author/illustrator in person!  Some schools have had a jump start, but every vote counts!  We only have until April 3, so please get your vote in and help our school meet this amazing author/illustrator!  Thank you!"  One entry can be made per email address, so if you could spread word to family and friends, that would be great!  You can Google “Jan Brett school visit contest,” or visit   Thank you for your support.                                                                                                                                                                                

Special Notes:

·          Do you own a business or know anyone who does and might be interested in donating a gift certificate for goods or services to be auctioned off or raffled at the Tiger Trot in May? Or would your business be interested in sponsoring the event?  Different levels of sponsorship are available.  This is the GM PTO's biggest fundraiser of the year and money raised goes to fund PTO sponsored enrichment programs for each grade.  If you are interested, please email  Thank you!

·         This year's Tiger Trot is scheduled for May 6th.  The GM PTO is looking for help with planning the different part of the Trot, and are looking for volunteers.  Come to our kickoff meeting on Tuesday, January 31at 7:00 to find out how you can be involved in this fun event!

·         Parking is always a challenge at transition times during the day.  Please be certain to leave the handicapped parking spaces clear for students and families who need them.  Thank you for your support and assistance.

·         Coming Soon! The Maynard SEPAC will host a workshop on Basic Rights in Special Education on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7 at the Fowler School Library from 7 – 9 p.m.  A presenter from the Federation for Children with Special Needs will conduct the workshop, full of super-helpful information to help parents partner with their child’s school in important ways: to decide their child’s eligibility for special education, and to plan, make decisions about, and monitor their child’s progress in school. Federation workshops are free and open to the public. Contact Karen Heath at or 978-394-6183 with questions. UMass Lowell hockey ticket order forms for the Feb. 11 game are due January 25th.  Don't miss out on this fun night out with GM and Fowler families!  Any questions, please contact John Cafarella at

·         Grade projects are a special part of the Tiger Trot and are raffled off at the event.  These unique art projects are made by each grade and coordinated by parent volunteers.  We are still looking for help with 2nd and 3rd grade.  If you are crafty and can lend a hand creating a priceless piece with a grade, please contact  Thank you

·         On January 26 at 7:00 PM Maynard Public Schools will be hosting a screening of the Wahlberg Foundation Film, "If Only".  This film addresses important questions about prescription drug abuse and opioid addiction.  Following the screening, there will be a panel presentation by a group of community members directly impacted by the opioid epidemic.

Dates to Remember             

Friday, January 27                               Early Release – 11:45 Dismissal

Tuesday, January 31                           GMPTO Tiger Trot Kick-Off Meeting 7:00-8:15 PM

Friday, February 3                               Early Release – 11:45 Dismissal

February 20-24                                     No School – Winter Vacation

Thursday, March 2                              Read Across America Day

Thursday, March 2                              Community Reading Day