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Green Meadow Newsletter 12/22/2016

posted Dec 23, 2016, 6:51 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

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December 22, 2016                                   Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                        Debbie Bresnick, Assistant Principal


As 2016 ends, we begin looking forward to all the events and experiences that 2017 will bring.  Before we begin this look forward, I would like to take a moment to celebrate all the amazing learning activities and special events that have occurred since this school year began. A true highlight and enormous sense of pride surrounds the development of our new mural.  The many images displayed come directly from our students understanding of our school core values, reflecting their creativity, kindness, and caring.   We continue our school wide focus on differentiated instruction, seeing each child as an individual and tailoring the learning to help them maximize their potential.


              Our students learning has been enriched through  special experiences such as a visit to Plimouth Plantation to further understanding of colonial America and exploration of owls and animal habitats with scientist Erica Whitworth.    Our learning about the democratic process during this election year culminated with a school wide election as students voted for two school spirit days.  They learned that their vote was an opportunity to have a voice in decisions and make a difference.  We continue to expand our skills as effective readers, writers and mathematicians, writing about the small moments in our lives, understanding complex texts, and solving challenging problems. We have also enjoyed assemblies lead by Respectful School Committee that emphasize our core values and support our Responsive Classroom program as well as those led by our music teacher that support our music program.


        Excitement is certainly building as the winter break and winter holidays approach.  Students and staff are anxiously looking forward to the visits, activities, and celebrations that are planned.  We hope you enjoy this vacation and wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.  We look forward to seeing everyone and sharing the many new learning experiences that 2017 will bring.

                                                                                           Donna Dankner                                                                    

News from Mrs. Krasinski’s Class:

Mrs. Krasinski’s class is busy this December.  In math, we are learning all about 2D shapes.  In January, we start an exciting unit on 3D shapes! We are becoming quite the authors and illustrators in writing workshop! We are learning our letters and sounds, and how to put them together to read CVC words!  In Science, we are studying animals and their habitats.  We are learning how different animals hibernate and migrate!


News from Mrs. Vasta’s preschool class

Over the last month we have completed two units of study – Boxes and Buildings. Coincidentally, those themes tie in nicely with each other! We have learned about the characteristics of boxes, whose jobs involve boxes, what you can do with a box, and how boxes are moved (Has the UPS truck been to your house lately?). Since some boxes are cube shaped it was a nice way to learn about familiar 3-D shapes as well. We built buildings with boxes in our classroom as a segue to our Buildings theme, which we are finishing up this week. We compared buildings and homes in our neighborhood to those found around the world. When discussing the buildings we see in Maynard we also learned about people who work inside those buildings – community helpers.  We made a 3-D cardboard map of Maynard where children decorated paper bags to look like their own homes and painted streets for cars to drive on. Since the holidays are right around the corner we included gingerbread houses in our study of buildings as well! Some books we read over the last month include: Not a Box; The Birthday Box; Me on the Map; Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site; The House That Jack Built; The Three Little Pigs; The Gingerbread Man; The Gingerbread Baby; and the Gingerbread Girl. When we come back from winter break we will begin our “Music Study” which should be very entertaining! On our “Science Thursdays” we have been busy as well. We continue to do our tree observations, outside temperature observations, and our pumpkin plants now have blossoms! This week’s Science Thursday lesson is on light and shadows. Hopefully it will be warm enough to spend time outside and do some investigating!  Happy Holidays from all of us in preschool to all of you!

 Special Notes:

 ·         Winter Clothing: With very few exceptions, Green Meadow students go outdoors for recess twice daily. Both the weather conditions and temperatures can change throughout the day. Besides their jackets, students need to bring snow pants, boots, hat and mittens every day. They also need to bring shoes to wear in the classroom. It’s New England! We have several months to go before we can shed those winter clothes!

 ·         Save the DateMaynard Special Town meeting will take place at the Fowler Auditorium on January 9th, 2017.  An article to fund repairs to the Green Meadow playground will be up for a vote.  Please come and let your voice be heard.  The Maynard High School National Honor Society Students will provide onsite babysitting.  The students will meet families at the Fowler School Assembly Hall entrance beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The students will play games, read to them and do arts and crafts with the children. *Please note that children should be toilet trained.  

 Dates to Remember 

Dec, 24 – January 2                  No School – Winter Vacation

January 3, 2017                         School Reopens following the Winter Break

Friday, January 13                    Early Release, 11:45 Dismissal

Tuesday, January 17                 Parent Coffee, 8:45 AM