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Green Meadow Newsletter 1/19/2017

posted Jan 19, 2017, 9:50 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

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January 19, 2017                                 Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                Debbie Bresnick, Assistant Principal     


                As a school we focus on educating the whole child.  We spend much of our day engaged in rich academic pursuits, teaching our students to be effective readers, critical thinkers, creative individuals, and capable problem solvers.   We also focus on helping students develop their ability to interact with others, develop friendships, and be contributing members of the community.  In addition, we also teach our students strategies, protocols, and procedures to help them maintain safety at all times.

                Safety is always a foremost on the minds of us as a school, our families, and our community.  We carefully develop safety procedures for all anticipated situations, training staff and students how to respond calmly and safely in any emergency situation.  Multiple times during the year, under the guidance of the Maynard Fire Department, we practice procedures for evacuating the school in the event of a fire emergency. The procedures we use during fire drills have very familiar and comfortable to our students as they have remained constant throughout their Green Meadow experience

                Since many of our students travel regularly on the bus and others travel on buses for field trips, we also want to be certain students know how to exit the bus safely in an emergency situation.  This morning after arrival, students who generally ride the bus participated in a practice bus evacuation.  Students took turns exiting the bus safely from the rear emergency door to be certain they would understand the process should it ever become necessary.  Students who do not generally ride the bus will have the same opportunity for practice on Friday morning, ensuring that all students have an understanding of the procedure.

                For other emergencies, the protocols for how to best respond continue to be refined.  Rather than solely relying on the traditional Shelter in Place or Lockdown that we practiced for many years, we are learning to follow the ALICE protocol in the event of an emergency.  ALICE, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate, is comprised of a series of responses that teachers implement depending on the situation.  Our district safety committee is leading the training of staff and development of protocols, helping us to understand how to address an emergency and how best to respond to maintain safety for all. As part of this process, we will be reading two books to our students that are specially written for primary school children as the basis for conversation.  These books, The Ant Hill Disaster and I’m Not Scared……I’m Prepard by Julia Cook, present information to students in a reassuring, informative, and age appropriate way. Teachers will use the books and the resulting discussion to explore procedures while reassuring the students that we are safe at school.  They will also reassure students that by exploring this topic, we are making sure that we are always prepared.  If you would like to preview these books, we have copies that will be available for you to review in the school office. Students may want to share their learning and engage  in follow up discussions with families at home.

In addition to physical safety and in recognition of Martin Luther King Day, our students explored the importance of emotional safety by fostering an environment of kindness, acceptance, and respect.  Inspired by this message and in conjunction with our core values, one class decided to take action.  After watching the video about the “Complement Guys” from Purdue University, Mr. Mehigan’s third grade class recognized the importance and impact that kind words can have on others.  They designed posters and stationed themselves at entrances to the school, offering complements and kind words to all who walked by.  On Monday, January 16, some students and their parents along with Mr. Mehigan extended this experience, bringing complements to members of the community members.  Through this experience, students learned a valuable lesson about the power of kind words and the impact of random acts of kindness on others.

                                                                                      Donna Dankner


 News from Mrs. Adamson’s Class:

As we enter the second half of the school year and the Patriots head to the AFC Conference Championship, we have adopted Coach Belichick’s catchphrase, “Do your job.” We realize Together Everyone Achieves More.

 In Fundations, we are using three glued/ welded sounds (all, am, an). Word study provides us an opportunity to look at the structure and meaning of how words work. During Read to Self or read aloud we continue to make text to text and text to self connections. Using the knowledge in our head helps us understand what we read.

 In math, we are practicing subtraction strategies. We are realizing how addition and subtraction are related. The more we practice subtraction the easier it becomes.

 News from Mr. Morello’s Physical Education Class:

  Winter has set in, but that has not stopped students at Green Meadow from being active in various ways.  Hand-eye coordination was put to the test with the use of scoops and balls.  Third grade students got a cardio vascular workout with the aerobic game Cap-the-Cone.   Before winter break, the parachute was flying in the Green Meadow gym.  The parachute is a great collaborative activity and is engaging for all students!  Students favorite parachute activities included popcorn maker, igloo, mountain, color swap, and sharks.  Currently, students are working on rolling and throwing skills with the dynamic activity Battleships! Please remember to send students to school with sneakers on days when they have PE.   


Special Notes:

         Parking is always a challenge at transition times during the day.  Please be certain to leave the handicapped parking  spaces clear for students and families who need them.  Thank you for your support and assistance.

·         Coming Soon! The Maynard SEPAC will host a workshop on Basic Rights in Special Education on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 7 at the Fowler School Library from 7 – 9 p.m.  A presenter from the Federation for Children with Special Needs will conduct the workshop, full of super-helpful information to help parents partner with their child’s school in important ways: to decide their child’s eligibility for special education, and to plan, make decisions about, and monitor their child’s progress in school. Come learn, ask questions, and be informed about special education laws. Federation workshops are free and open to the public. Contact Karen Heath at or 978-394-6183 with questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

·          UMass Lowell hockey ticket order forms for the Feb. 11 game are due January 25th.  Don't miss out on this fun night out with GM and Fowler families!  Any questions, please contact John Cafarella at

·         This year's Tiger Trot is scheduled for May 6th.  The GM PTO is looking for help with planning the different part of the Trot, and are looking for volunteers.  Come to our kickoff meeting on Tuesday, January 31at 7:00 to find out how you can be involved in this fun event!

·         Grade projects are a special part of the Tiger Trot and are raffled off at the event.  These unique art projects are made by each grade and coordinated by parent volunteers.  We are still looking for help with 2nd and 3rd grade.  If you are crafty and can lend a hand creating a priceless piece with a grade, please contact  Thank you

·         On January 26 at 7:00 PM Maynard Public Schools will be hosting a screening of the Wahlberg Foundation Film, "If Only".  This film addresses important questions about prescription drug abuse and opioid addiction.  Following the screening, there will be a panel presentation by a group of community members directly impacted by the opioid epidemic.

Dates to Remember             

Thursday, January 19                         Preschool Information Night 6:45 PM

Monday, January 23                           School Council Meeting 6:30—8:00 PM

Wednesday, January 25                   Hockey Order Forms Due

Friday, January 27                               Early Release – 11:45 Dismissal

Tuesday, January 31                           GMPTO Tiger Trot Kick-Off Meeting 7:00-8:15 PM