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Green Meadow Newsletter 11/2/2012

posted Nov 1, 2012, 9:54 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

Green Meadow News                

November 1, 2012                                             Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                            Christopher Fleming, Assistant Principal


                The weather in New England is certainly unpredictable!  Last year at this time we were experiencing a snowstorm and this year was a hurricane.  Hopefully the storm did not cause too much difficulty for your families.  We are delighted to be back at school and focusing on student learning.

            Another important event that is prevalent in the national news is the upcoming presidential election. Such an important election provides us with the unique opportunity to teach our students about the democratic process through personal experience. Our goal is to help our students learn what occurs during the voting process while understanding that each individual’s vote is their voice in important local and national decisions.

            On Monday, November 5, we will hold a school wide election in which all students and staff will have the opportunity to vote.  We will simulate the actual voting procedure by establishing voting sites in which students will vote in the same way as registered adults.  Classes will come to the polls, check in at their designated precinct, and take their ballot to a voting booth to complete.  Once completed, they will place their ballots in a ballot box and check out to confirm they have cast their vote.

            Each ballot will have the names and pictures of the presidential candidates as well as an important school based ballot question. Students will be responding to a question about a potential of having a Green Meadow Hat Day. The final decision rests with the majority vote which will help students understand that voting involves not only electing officials, but also making collective decisions.

            Third grade classes will take turns managing the polls and counting the ballots that have been placed in the official ballot boxes. Ballots will be tallied by both the popular vote, and the total number of classrooms selecting a candidate. The final results will be announced to the students during an afternoon assembly. In preparation for this school wide election, students will begin discussing this in class and may want to continue the discussion with their families at home.  We hope this experience will help our students develop an understanding, interest, and investment in the election process.

                                                                                    Donna Dankner

Special Message:

Candace Ewing will be retiring as of Friday, November 2nd.  As a first grade teacher, she brought an energy and excitement to her class, creating a love of learning in each student.  She encouraged her students to believe in themselves and strive for excellence through her ongoing encouragement and support.  This fall we have been so fortunate to have her as part of our STAR/Title 1 staff, supporting all Green Meadow students.  We wish her well in her retirement.  She will certainly be missed!


From the Art Room and Ms. Santillo

Kindergarten students have been studying the sun through folk tales and science books, cutting, pasting, painting, using radial symmetry and color theory. First grades have been studying trees, both conifers and deciduous, using a variety of textures in their collages and becoming aware of positive and negative space. After talking about seed dispersal mechanisms, they created charming little creatures out of pine cones. The halls of Green Meadow are filled with suns and trees.


The theme for second grade this year is “Art Matters”. Art mattered a great deal to artists, Emily Carr, Henri Rousseau, and Vincent Van Gogh. Ask your students about them. We are currently studying  Japan, a country where art matters very much in printmaking, origami, holiday traditions, gardens, food, and even sumo wrestling.


Third-graders are designing a mask based on the meanings of their names, first, middle, and last. They are using some elements of three-dimension and mixing their own colors. Look for these to be displayed in the next few weeks.


And after school, the art room is an artist-writer workshop for second and third-graders who are creating books about their family stories. I am so pleased with the stories these children are writing and I want to thank Mrs. Cohen for giving us this opportunity through EXCEL.


And next week, the art room turns into an artist-writer workshop for teachers. Twenty K through 12 teachers from Maynard are looking at ways to use family stories in their curriculum and will participate in this UNH workshop which I will lead. I could not be more excited. Look for upcoming newspaper coverage about this Maynard initiative.


And parents, I would not leave you out. I will be offering an adult class, “Family Stories Through Art” this January and February on Thursday evenings at the Coolidge Building. Sign-up will be in mid-November. Every family has a story and I would love to work with you on yours.


News from Mrs. Jones Second Grade Class:

We hope everyone survived the storm with little or no damage! In second grade we have been busy using our collages to help write our small moment pieces! The students love having those special pictures in their writing folders to generate ideas. We continue to work with addition and subtraction facts to 18 to help us get to automaticity! We enjoy sharing ways to get to the number of the day, the students are dazzling me with their manipulation of numbers! We are looking forward to our school election which will be held on November 5th. This month we will have Erika Whitworth the naturalist visiting our classrooms again.  These lessons are always hands on and very exciting!  Thank you for your support!


Special Note:


Take advantage of this timeless opportunity to become part of Maynard High School’s history. In September, 2013, the town of Maynard will open the next chapter in providing our students with a top quality education and a new facility to complement the hard work of our educators.  The Maynard Education Foundation (MEF) in collaboration with the Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO’s) of the Green Meadow, Fowler and Maynard High Schools is taking advantage of this rare occasion to enable you to become part of Maynard High School’s rich educational tradition and heritage. Your brick will be placed on the main sidewalk leading to the new high school’s entrance and will become part of Maynard Tiger history.  The price for a single brick is $100 for the 4” x 8” size and $200 for the 8” x 8” size. They can be ordered by going to Questions may be directed to Jim McCann,, #978.461.1520.                                                                                                                                               

Dates to Remember:

v     November 2, 2012                Early Release, 12:30 Dismissal

v     November 5, 2012                Green Meadow School Election

v     November 6, 2012                No School: Professional Day for all staff

November 12, 2012              No School: Veterans Day