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Green Meadow Newsletter 11/15/2012

posted Nov 15, 2012, 8:40 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

Green Meadow News                

November 15, 2012                                           Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                            Christopher Fleming, Assistant Principal


Since the beginning of the school year, students have been actively engaged in learning.  Each school day is filled with new experiences and opportunities for gaining a range of skills and strategies that support knowledge and strengthen understanding.  Students are also focused on developing the complex thinking skills that prepare them for a future as 21st Century learners.

            An important part of this learning process is the partnership between home and school that is created through the sharing of information about student progress.   Report cards and parent conferences are an important part of this process.  Information gained through last year parent surveys overwhelming indicated that families prefer to receive report cards prior to the conferences in order to have an opportunity to review them before meeting.  As a result we will be distributing report cards on Thursday, November 29, as parent conferences are scheduled for Thursday, December 6 and Friday, December 7.  At parent conferences, teachers will share additional information through detailed discussions of each student’s progress.   We hope this new schedule will be beneficial to families and support ongoing communication.  

            Please note that school picture retakes have been scheduled for Tuesday, December 4th.

Thanksgiving always allows us to take a moment from the demands of our busy schedules to relax and reflect on what is important. Despite the stresses of the preparation or travel, it is important to savor the traditions that make this time so special.  The little moments such as the planning, the preparation of the meal, and the enjoyment of the time spent with friends and family are what make this time so special.   Whether you are traveling to visit others or hosting at your home, I hope you enjoy these events and those around you.  Thanksgiving is often remembered for the laughter, conversation, reflection, and experiences that we all share.

The staff and I are truly thankful for the opportunity to be part of each child’s education as well as for the ongoing support of support and commitment of all Green Meadow families.  I also appreciate being part of a community of talented educators who care so deeply about children and are so focused on education. We wish you a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you during parent conferences in December.



                                                                                    Donna Dankner


News from Mrs. Wallaces’ Kindergarten Class:

Greetings from the Frog Class. Each day we participate in the “Daily Five” program. We enjoy reading in small groups, reading with a partner, reading by ourselves, listening to books on tape, and doing all sorts of word work activities. We have finished up the “Launching” Unit and have started to write our own “Small Moment” Stories. The children love making connections: book to real life experiences, book to book, and book to movies! Ask them, if they have a connection.  You’ll see what I mean because that’s what good readers do!    

We have been writing our numerals 1- 10, and counting many objects. We have even started to write number sentences in a variety of 1-5 sequences. Our Third Grade Buddies from, Mrs. Duddy’s Class, helped us count all the seeds in ten pumpkins. We used a terrific counting strategy. By grouping our seeds in piles of ten, we were able to determine how many seeds were in each of our ten pumpkins. Every day we count by tens up to one hundred, so it was fun to practice this skill by counting actual pumpkin seeds with our Third Grade friends.

In science, we have been studying the body and the children are learning a lot. As a matter of fact, I think we have some future doctors, nurses, and EMTs in the making.  We have had a lot of fun investigating fall foliage, and the growth cycle of the apple and pumpkin.

            The children were involved in a mock election on Monday, Nov. 5th.  It was a grand success!  For their special ballot question, they voted in a Hat Day on Wednesday, November 21st.  On Tuesday, we discussed Veteran’s Day and shared a few stories about our relatives and/or friends who have proudly served “Our Country” in the Armed- Services. My son, Dr. James Wallace, is in the Navy, and he is presently deployed somewhere in Afghanistan (working at a Mash Hospital). Our class made wonderful cards for James to share with his patients. I’m sure our cards will brighten these brave men’s and women’s day. (The cards were VERY CUTE!  I think much sweeter than any store bought card could ever be!)                                                                      Warmest regards, Mrs. Wallace


News from Miss Mara’s Second Grade Class:

We are very excited about our science work.  Erika, the naturalist from Habitat, came into our classroom last Thursday.  We looked at some isopods she brought in for us to study.  We practiced observing, sketching, and asking scientific questions. These creatures are crustaceans and have relatives like lobsters. These particular isopods were sow bugs.  Erika was kind enough to leave the sow bugs with us and we conducted several experiments.  Our conclusions were that sow bugs prefer dark and wet conditions.  Therefore when we are outside and looking for sow bugs, we will look in places that are damp and dark.  During reading we did research on another isopod called a pill bug.  Now that we know so much about isopods, we wonder what other crustaceans live in the vernal pool.


Special Note:

  • Thanksgiving is just around the corner and so begins the Holiday Shopping Season!  The GMPTO will be kicking off its Scrip Gift Card Shopping Spree.  Shop for your gift cards from home and help the PTO earn money to support school enrichment programs and materials. Simply go to and set up a family account to place an order using the Green Meadow PTO enrollment code listed below. Enrollment Code: 9381EL66353L5 You can choose to send in a check made payable to GMPTO or you can pay online directly through a checking account ACH transaction. Orders placed with payments received by November 30th will be available for pick up during conference days on December 6th and 7th.  Alternate arrangements can also be made for pick up or delivery. We will also be doing a “paper order form” with a different schedule.  Family Order Forms will be included in the backpacks on November 29th.  Those forms can be returned with payment by December 10th and will be available for pick up after December 15th.  If you have any questions, please contact Michelle L. Grace at or 978.897.1603.



Dates to Remember:

v     November 16, 2012              Early Release Day 12:30 Dismissal

v     November 21, 2012              Early Release Day 11:25 Dismissal

v     November 22 & 23, 2012    Thanksgiving Holiday – No School

                   v  December 6 & 7, 2012                    Parent/Teacher Conferences – 11:25 Dismissal