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Green Meadow Newsletter 10/25/12

posted Oct 26, 2012, 10:29 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

Green Meadow News                

October 25, 2012                                              Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                            Christopher Fleming, Assistant Principal

     The Green Meadow School Council recently held a very productive first meeting. The School Council is comprised of parents and teacher who work together to discuss and explore procedures, and initiatives that support our school. During the first meeting, we worked diligently toward completion of the revised and updated school handbook.  Once completed, this handbook will be provided to families in both print and digital formats.  We hope it will serve as an important resource for families.  Also, throughout the year we focus on developing the goals for our school improvement plan. The next School Council meeting is scheduled on November 19th.

We are very excited about tomorrow’s Monster March.  The weather forecast is perfect for this special event. Please remember that:

  • Children should arrive in costume and join their class while parents wait outside for the march to begin. It is often difficult for children to walk safely during the march if they are wearing masks.  Teachers will make the determination as to the wearing of masks.
  • The March will begin at approximately 8:45 AM.  Please wait outside for the march to begin.
  • We will not have an outdoor arrival prior to the march so children should follow the indoor arrival procedure.
  • Costumes are not necessary for participation in the Monster March.
  • An alternate activity is available for students with special circumstances who will not be participating. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to discuss this option.  

This event is truly a highlight of the school year.  We look forward to seeing you there!


                                                                                    Donna Dankner


This week in music...

Kindergarteners are taking the lead on the song “Down by the Bay.”  Usually, the kids echo phrases sung by the teacher, but this week each student got a chance to be the leader for a phrase.  Ask them to teach you the song at home!


First Graders are finishing their mariachi music unit and are making “My Little Mariachi Books” which will come home this week or next. Each student can identify the mariachi instruments harp, trumpet, violin, guitar, and guitarone.  Ask them to show you the instruments in their books.


Second graders have been using dynamics (musical terms that describe how loud or soft the music is) like fortissimo, forte, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, piano, pianissimo to describe Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”  Ask them to tell you about the moves that go with the music.


Third graders have been talking about the difference between pitch and rhythm.  They can identify pitches as do, re, or mi and speak rhythm patterns that include eighth note pairs (du-de), quarter notes (du), quarter rests (silence), and half notes (du-uu).  Ask them if they can say this rhythm for you:

All of this is in preparation for starting our third grade recorder unit.  Recorder order forms are coming home the same day as this note!  Please return them as soon as you can. 






News from Mrs. Monahan’s Kindergarten Class:

Recently, we had our first publishing party in our class.  Each child picked their favorite piece of writing and revised it or edited it to post on the bulletin board.  Mrs. Dankner came by to hear our stories.  The children did a great job reading them to her and she complimented them on their hard work.  Then we celebrated with popcorn and a movie.


We just started our eighth reader in kindergarten. The children are practicing how to track or point to the words as they read.  In reading and writing they are learning how to stretch and sound out words on their own. In handwriting we are practicing letter and number formation.


In math, we completed our Counting Books and made a class book based on Dr. Seuss’s “Ten Apples up on Top”.  Now everyone is working hard making sets of various numbers to ten.  Each morning the children cycle through Writing Workshop, two different centers and choice time.  They keep very busy!


For social studies we have talked about Christopher Columbus and the season of fall.  We have also chosen our class rules and learned some new seasonal songs and poems. In science we are beginning a new unit on the parts of the body.  The children continue to enjoy going to art, music, library, computer lab and gym.  Hope to see you on Friday.  Mrs. Monahan


Special Note:


Take advantage of this timeless opportunity to become part of Maynard High School’s history. In September, 2013, the town of Maynard will open the next chapter in providing our students with a top quality education and a new facility to complement the hard work of our educators.  The Maynard Education Foundation (MEF) in collaboration with the Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO’s) of the Green Meadow, Fowler and Maynard High Schools is taking advantage of this rare occasion to enable you to become part of Maynard High School’s rich educational tradition and heritage. By purchasing a commemorative brick with your name and personalized inscription, you will be helping MEF and the PTO’s to continue to provide our teachers with the financial support that enable them to purchase materials and equipment and to also assist them in their professional development. This financial support is a vital ingredient that helps our teachers to enhance the classroom experience for our students.  Please help us assure Maynard’s rich academic heritage by purchasing a brick, a brick that will preserve a special moment(s) or honor a special person(s). Your brick will be placed on the main sidewalk leading to the new high school’s entrance and will become part of Maynard Tiger history.  The price for a single brick is $100 for the 4” x 8” size and $200 for the 8” x 8” size. They can be ordered by going to Questions may be directed to Jim McCann,, #978.461.1520.  On behalf of the Maynard Education Foundation and the PTO’s of the Green Meadow, Fowler Middle School and Maynard High School, Thank You!



Dates to Remember:

v     October 26, 2012                  Green Meadow Monster March at 8:45

v     October 26, 2012                  Early Release 12:30

v     October 30, 2012                  Preschool Halloween Parade

v     October 31, 2012                  Rain date for the Monster March

v     November 6, 2012                No School: Professional Day for all staff