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Green Meadow Newsletter 10/16/14

posted Oct 16, 2014, 10:57 AM by Joanne Lochiatto

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October 16, 2014                                      Donna Dankner, Principal

                                                Debbie Bresnick, Assistant Principal


        Each day the students and staff are actively engaged in learning and collaborations.  In their classrooms students are focused on The Common Core, extensive content knowledge, and 21st century skills.  Learning for teachers occurs during professional days, early release afternoons, and common planning times.

Often we are asked what occurs during the early release and professional days.  As a staff we are excited to share how we spend these times, working diligently to seek varied and innovative ways to meet the needs of all learners.   We maximize our professional development opportunities exploring new and creative instructional strategies, planning differentiated instruction, analyzing data, and exploring ways to support social/emotional learning.

            We begin each school year by carefully determining which skills students have mastered and which skills and concepts students need to learn, reinforce, or extend through a variety of assessments.  Through our early release days, we have been working with a consultant to look closely at this information, collaborating with colleagues to explore content and plan instruction that meets individual student needs. 

            Also during professional development, we have been actively engaged in training  to support our new math resource Go Math.  Teachers have been actively involved in math courses that focus on content as well as exploring the instructional strategies, resources, and pacing connected with Go Math.  In this way we are able to provide instruction that maximizes mathematical reasoning and thinking.

            As the year progresses, we will continue working closely with the math and literacy coaches as well as consultants to analyze assessment data, plan meaningful instruction, and explore instructional resources and strategies to foster student learning.  We are very appreciative of the early release time that enables this ongoing learning.         

                                                                        Donna Dankner                    


Newsletter: Mrs. Arcelay’s Art Room


It has been a very exciting and busy few weeks in the art room.  Students are getting to know the rules and procedures in the room and have made Graffiti Name tags and Watercolor Resist Maynard Tigers.  The tigers are now hanging in the school, so please take a look the next time you visit!  New projects in the other grades are just beginning so be sure to ask your child what we are working on.


This year, students at Green Meadow will be joining Artsonia, an online art museum for students worldwide.  As described on the website “The story of Artsonia begins with a dream that artwork created from kids around the world can be shared and enjoyed with everyone.”  Parent permission forms will be sent home soon and accounts will be created for each child.  You will receive login information to view your children’s work online once an account is set up.  The project will require a great deal of time and effort.  If you are a parent who is proficient with computers and would like to assist, please email me at   Students at The Fowler  Middle School are already signing up for the site so the process will begin with Third Grade students and work back to Kindergarten.   Through this site you will be able to view your student’s work and keep in touch with the art room.  More information about this exciting program will be sent home soon or you may explore the sight at 


Also, many students are asking when they can take work home to show their parents.  Most student work will be held in the art room until winter break when accumulated work will be sent home.  Some second grade projects will stay in the art room until the art show in the spring. 


The art room has a new web page which will soon be linked to the Green Meadow homepage.  If you’d like to view it now you may do so at  I will use the website to keep you up to date on projects, supplies needed, etc.



News from Mrs. Ginnity’s Class

So much excitement and activity is going on in Mrs. Ginnity’s classroom, as we are learning and challenging our minds. Last week, we met our 3rd grade buddies for the first time! We are finishing learning our letter sounds with Echo the owl and working on a variety of “snap” words. “Snap” words are words we want to know how to read and spell in a snap. In Math, we are continuing to work on counting, matching and comparing sets of objects and make models to solve problems. We have been exploring the season of fall by becoming scientists. We have been observing, inquiring and recording information we find out about living and nonliving things and changes that occur in the season. We have been focusing some of our word work during nature walks and while observing our fall items we have collected. We stretch out the words and listen for all the sounds we hear to write our words. We are continuing to work on being authors and illustrators in Writer’s Workshop, using both pictures and words to tell our stories. We are having read alouds with stories about pumpkins as the children get ready for Halloween! We are excited for our “mystery readers” to start coming to our classroom.


Special Note:

·         GM Playground Spruce-Up Day is this coming Saturday, October 18, from 8-12pm. This is step one in our commitment to update and beautify the GM playground. We will be removing and replacing a fence around the playground, resurfacing the play area, and fixing broken equipment.  We need a few more volunteers for this great event. Please write to Erika at if you can spare some time in the morning for this very worthy cause.  Please note that given the equipment and work that will be taking place, only adults should attend and participate. Thank you!

·         Please join our math coach, Terri Morrison, on Wednesday, November 5 at 6:30 for a parent evening exploring Mathematical Learning at Green Meadow.  


Dates to Remember                         


·        Friday, October 17, 2014                                Grade 3 trip to Plimouth

·        Saturday, October 18, 2014                            Playground Spruce Up Day

·        Monday, October 27, 2014                             School Council Meeting, 6:30 PM

·        Thursday, October 30, 2014                           Preschool Monster March

·        Friday, October 31, 2014                                Monster March at 8:45

·        Monday, November 3, 2014                            Monster March Raindate

·        Wednesday, November5, 2014                       Exploring Math, 6:30 PM