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February 2, 2012

posted Feb 2, 2012, 7:14 AM by   [ updated Feb 24, 2012, 6:01 AM ]

The Maynard Tiger came to Green Meadow School!  Our whole school assembly on Monday was devoted to introducing our newly established Core Values.  Over the past year and a half, the entire staff at Green Meadow has worked to identify and define exactly what principles we hold dear.  Because core values guide us in class, on the playground, on the bus, and in dealings with adults and children, the words we chose needed to be simple but profound.  With the help of the members of the Respectful School Committee and members of the School Council, we identified the following as our Core Values: 

We are Kind. We are Safe. We are Learners.  We are Green Meadow.

At the assembly, teachers and administrators performed a series of skits illustrating each of these values, and the Maynard Tiger then taught us the signs for each of the words.  It was an exciting event filled with laughter, joy, and importance.  If you would like to see the signs, check out the Green Meadow website where you will find a video of the mascot signing. A special thanks to all Green Meadow teachers, the Respectful School Committee, the School Council, Tricia Jamiol (for the new logo), and Bill Kohlman (for the HUGE sign).  Stay tuned as we continue to embed these values in all that we do!

On Tuesday, as a perfect follow up, all Green Meadow students attended a presentation called Once Upon a Caring Classroom:  Bullying Prevention through Story.  The storyteller, Elisa Pearmain, shared tales from around the world (Brazil, Poland, Germany) about teasing, rumors, and bullying behaviors.  She then facilitated a conversation identifying these behaviors and what we can do in response to these behaviors.  We are grateful to the Enrichment Committee for bringing this presentation to our school!  Thank you.

Donna Dankner and Pamela Bator


2nd Grade News from Mrs. Jones:

Can you believe January has come and gone! The second grade classes are organizing a food drive for a community service project. We will use the food drive also as a second grade 100's day project. This project also focuses awareness on the needs of others.

            In math we have been working on geometry and fractions. The students have really enjoyed this unit because of all the hands on activities. We enjoyed reading The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns and doing some follow up activities on the Smartboard. The children were able to create their own Greedy Triangle by adding extra sides and angles to their own triangle.

            In reading we continue to work on story elements such as main idea, character traits, summarizing, cause and effect and sequencing. The students are able to show their understanding of these elements by responding to prompts in their reading response journals.

            We will be starting a new unit of study in Writer's Workshop called "Authors as Mentors".  We will be using literature from Ezra Jack Keats during our mini-lessons, and we will focus on how Ezra Jack Keats uses dialogue, elaboration, action and setting in his writing.

            On February 13th and 15th Erika Whitworth, our Naturalist, will be coming in to do an archaeological dig with all second grade classes. It is a fantastic hands on lesson for the students!

            We also attended an all school assembly where our school values were talked about. The children enjoyed the  assembly.  Ask your child if they can share the chant and sign language with you!


News from Mrs. Wallace’s Kindergarten class:

The Frog Class has been enjoying many English Language Arts Activities. This month we wrote a few new class books: Our 2012 New Year Resolutions, and in honor of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., I have a Dream.  We have our own version of “Flat Stanley”, only his name is “Gingerbread Fred”. The children have been writing, drawing, and taking pictures with Gingerbread Fred, as he visits their homes nightly! Let me tell you Fred has been on quite an interesting adventure! 

Our class has also been working on an Ezra Jack Keats Author’s Study. We have read a number of Mr. Keats’ books: Pet Show, Whistle for Willie, Snowy Day, Peter’s Chair, and Hi Cat. The children have made a fun mobile using many of the characters from the Keats’ books.  The class has been doing a great job reading in small groups, reading with buddies, and reading on our own. In addition, the children have been doing a super job keeping a reading log and working on weekly book reports. During our Writers Workshop Sessions it’s all about teasing out the “Small Moments.” Our writers start the process by thinking, saying, touching, sketching, labeling, and then writing sensational stories! 

In Social Studies, we have finished our Shelters around the World Unit.  The children created many special homes. They built African Huts, Alaskan Igloos, and South East Asian homes on stilts, American Indian Teepees, Brick Homes, and Clay Homes. Ah, future American architects… COOL!  In Civics, we have started to learn about our newly adopted Core Values: At Green Meadow School we are Kind, Safe, and Learners. Ask the children to show you how to sign these Valuable Green Meadow Core Values.

Geometry has been keeping us busy in the Mathematics Department.  We have been searching for and discovering shapes everywhere in our environments: making pictures with shape stamps, creating pieces of art with shape paper cut- outs, playing with geo- boards, and using pattern blocks to design objects.

In Science, we have started our Unit on Earth and Sky. We have been talking about soil, water, and rocks. As scientists, we have been observing the daytime and evening sky. We just finished our sunrise, noon, and sunset water color paintings. (I’m sure there must be a book in this unit: If I were an Astronaut I would...)

Special Notes:

·          Please remember to send hats, boots, and snow pants to school for outdoor recess during cold and snowy weather.  We try to keep extra winter clothing at school for occasions when students forget.  If you have extra gloves or boots that you don’t need, we would appreciate having them at school to be available as needed.

·          The Green Meadow PTO Spring Auction is scheduled for Saturday, March 31st, at Stow Acres Country Club.  We hope you will put the date on your calendars and come out to join us for a fun time raising money for our children and building up our school community. The proceeds from this event make up over 75% of the yearly budget for the PTO and are used to fund our Enrichment and other PTO sponsored programs. We need our Green Meadow Families to make it a successful auction!  Please consider making a family or business donation to this year’s auction.  A flyer was sent home a few weeks ago with suggestions of items to donate as well as an opportunity to purchase one of our Pre Made Gift Baskets to be auctioned at the event.  The Auction Committee truly appreciates our families and their donations to this event!  If you need more information about donating an item or a copy of the donation flyer, please contact Michelle L. Grace at


Dates to Remember:

v       February 3, 2012                              Early Release at 12:30

v       February 9, 2012                              Officer Phil Program

v       February 10, 2012                            Early Release at 12:30

v       February 20-24, 2012                       Winter Break