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December 8, 2011

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Did you notice the bulletin board in the hallway by the main office when you came for your child’s conference?  This magical image of buckets filled with hearts and stars is based upon the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today by Carol McCloud and David Messing.  The story’s message is about the importance of doing kind things for one another and serves as a vehicle for discussing and brainstorming small acts of kindness.  Unlike similar books on this topic, this one offers specific ideas of what we can all do. Through the process of brainstorming and practicing, our individual and communal buckets can be filled. We hope you will join us in spreading small acts of kindness to make a difference throughout our community!

What follows are quotes found in Have You Filled A Bucket Today:

  • Everyone carries an invisible bucket.
  • Your bucket has one purpose only…to hold your good thoughts and good feelings about yourself.
  • You need other people to fill your bucket and other people need you to fill theirs.
  • A bucket filler…says or does nice things that make others feel special.
  • A bucket dipper says or does mean things that make others feel bad.
  • When you fill someone’s bucket, you fill your own bucket too!

In this light, we wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season…with buckets full of joy.

                                                            Donna Dankner, Pamela Bator, and Cecilia Tatem Small

News from Mrs. Krasinski’s Grade 3 class:

The Krasinski classroom is very busy this year!  In writing workshop, we are finishing up our third story. We have created incredible realistic fiction pieces!  The children love to go through the process and share our published pieces with their Kindergarten buddies! In Science, we are finishing up our unit on matter and moving onto soil! The students really love doing the Daily 5!  They have the option to work on spelling, listen to a book, partner read, to write in their journals or to read!  In Math, we are finishing up our unit on multiplication! We plan to finish the month with a pajama day with our Kindergarten Buddies!

News from Mrs. Ewing’s Classroom

Students are studying Geometry in Math.  We are reviewing 1 Dimensional (1-D) length as well as 2 Dimensional (2-D) breadth and length but no depth. We have gone into the world of 3 Dimensional (3-D) length, breadth and depth. The difficulty in 3-D is that students have to recognize faces (flat surfaces) that they cannot see.  I found that with technology comes understanding and it is easier to teach this year because of the popularity of 3-D movies. Along with dimensions students are finding and recognizing lines of symmetry which divides various shapes or pictures equally.  They are recognizing both vertical and horizontal (horizon) lines of symmetry. Nature is a great topic with which to teach symmetry and makes an interesting topic for Show n’ Tell.

Special Notes:
  • The Green Meadow Directory has been completed and both email and print versions are available to our families.  The email versions were sent out last week to those who requested them on their directory forms.  If you did not receive it or would like one, you can email Michelle Grace at  The paper versions are available in the school main office.  Additionally, you can send in a note with your child requesting the paper version and we will send it home in the backpacks.  We are asking for a suggested two dollar donation for the print versions to offset printing costs.  If you were not included in the directory or you need to update your child's entry, please email the necessary information to Michelle Grace at  We are able to update the email version and mail you a link to the new version after it is updated.  Thank you so much to Tina Sawyer, PTO Vice President, for all of her hard work in pulling together the wonderful directory.  The PTO would also like to thank Donna Dankner and Pam Bator for their support of the directory.  And, finally, a big thanks to Kathy Sullivan and Joanne LoChiatto for all of their help.
  • The Green Meadow PTO Meeting for December will take place on Tuesday, December 13th at 7:00 p.m.  This month's meeting will be held off site at the Halfway Café in Downtown Maynard.  We will enjoy some appetizers and desserts as we hear some brief updates about our recent and upcoming events.  Please RSVP to Michelle Grace at by Monday the 12th so we can make reservations.
  • In 2010 the community of Maynard had the extraordinary opportunity to nine students from China for ten days. We have just been notified that we will have the same opportunity again. The students are tentatively scheduled to arrive on Monday, January 23rd for a week. During the day the students will attend school at the high school. During the week the high school will organize 2 or 3 field trips for the exchange students and the host students. If you are interested in hosting a student please contact Dr. Chesson at the high school at or 978-897-8891 before the Christmas break.

Dates to Remember:

v     December 5-9, 2011         Holiday Shoppe

v     December 9, 2011            Early Release, 12:30 Dismissal

v     December 16, 2011          Early Release, 12:30 Dismissal

v     December 26-Jan. 1         Winter Break