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December 1, 2011

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Parent Conferences will be held for all grade levels this week.  We are delighted to have this opportunity to share information about each child’s school experience.  Report cards will be distributed during conferences, providing specific information regarding each student’s academic progress. In addition to classroom teachers, special educators and specialists are also available to meet with you during this time. We truly value these conferences as an important opportunity for communication with families.  If you do not have a scheduled conference, please contact your child’s teacher to arrange a convenient time. 

Picture retakes were completed this week for students who missed the initial session as well as for those who requested another sitting. These pictures will be available and distributed in a few weeks. Lifetouch inadvertently printed extra copies of pictures from the initial session. They have offered these extra pictures to families at no cost.  The pictures will be sent home with students today.  We hope you enjoy this special gift.

Beginning on December 5, the PTO will hold the annual Holiday Shoppe.  Students look forward to this special event.  We truly appreciate the efforts of the many volunteers as well as the contributions from families that made this special program possible.

                                                            Donna Dankner and Pamela Bator

Greetings from Mrs. Messina’s Friends!

We are very “Busy Bees” in Kindergarten this year. Our class is getting ready for its third Publishing Party. Our drawings are very detailed and we are working on showing a small moment in time. As we write, we have been working on matching our text to our drawing. Many of us are at different levels: some are writing beginning sounds, some are just writing words and some of us are beginning to write our first sentence! It is so exciting! Our “Author’s Corner” displays our stories and during our Publishing Party we invite a class parent to join us, read a story and then listen to us share our published pieces. What fun!

Right now in math we are working with shapes. Names of shapes can be confusing, so we are working hard on getting them straight. We are also working on some new shapes such as oval, rhombus, hexagon and trapezoid. Looking for shapes in our environment, switching shapes to make new ones and creating pictures with shapes are some of the things we are getting ready to explore.

Our Friends love learning how to work, play and sing together. We really are Busy Bees!


News from Mrs. Viros’ PreK Class:

On Thursday, November 17, preschool families were invited to come to the classroom for an art show to look at the children’s artwork completed since the beginning of the school year.  It was a wonderful way to share with parents the work that their children did around thematic units such as fall, all about me, and our community.  Families were grateful for the presence of Dr. Robert Gerardi, Donna Dankner, Pam Bator, Kate Markowitz, and Joan Lyons during the event. 

We started a two-week discussion on community helpers.  Children are learning that some people have jobs that help us every day.  We are discussing the responsibilities of these people who promote the safety and welfare of others. 

Finally, during the two days before Thanksgiving, we will talk about the things that we are thankful for.  We will look at flags from around the world to celebrate the cultural differences in our classroom.  Preschoolers will work with the shapes and colors of the American flag, the Brazilian flag, the flag from the island of Puerto Rico, the Dutch flag and the French flag.  We will learn what the word “thanks” sounds like in these languages.

Ms. Viros, Mrs. French, Ms. Olsen and Mrs. Kennedy

News from Mrs. Jones’ Grade 2 class:

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break.  We have been very busy in second grade the last few months! We celebrated our writing with our second publishing party with Mrs. Foss’s class. The children enjoyed sharing their stories with one another.  Our word work is helping us with our spelling, writing and phonics skills and the children have been enjoying working with their individual words.  In math we continue to work with building our number sense by playing games and answering word problems using the strategies of pictures, numbers and words to explain our thinking.

In second grade we are all doing a unit of study on owls. We are very excited about this unit and we will be dissecting owl pellets to see what owls eat!  We also all participate in our study of the vernal pool. Everyone has had the opportunity to go out to the vernal pool and explore nature and what exactly makes up a vernal pool.  Students were asked to make a prediction of what they thought the vernal pool would look like before we went out. Some of the students were very surprised at what they saw. We are very fortunate to have this wonderful opportunity!  

We are all looking forward to the fun activities we have planned for the holiday season. We will keep you posted as the dates come closer.


Special Notes:

  • 2nd Annual SEPAC Holiday Social The Maynard SEPAC invites Maynard Special Education students, parents and siblings to its 2nd Annual Holiday Social on Monday, December 5th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Green Meadow School cafeteria.   This event will have lots of crafts, activities, and fun for the whole family!  Last year’s Holiday Social was a huge success!  For more information or to RSVP, please contact Kyra Marino at or visit our website at
  • The Green Meadow PTO will have a table set up during conferences on Thursday and Friday for families to pick up their scrip gift card orders, purchase a KIDSTUFF Coupon Book, buy some spirit items, or pick up a paper copy of the school directory (suggested donation of two dollars).  Please come see us!
  • Join us for a fun evening out and help raise money for the Green Meadow PTO.  This fundraiser is at Clock Tower Place on Thursday evening, December 1, from 6:00 – 9:00. Enjoy some shopping at non-profit Global Goods and The Traveling Toy Shop and feel good that 20% of all sales will be donated to the PTO to help fund the projects and support it provides to the  Green Meadow School  community.  The latest games and educational toys, unique global gifts of sterling silver jewelry, scarves, home and personal items, and gorgeous gift baskets will be available. Enjoy some socializing, shopping, and relaxing with gourmet snacks and drinks while helping our schools.

Dates to Remember:

  • December 1-2, 2011   Early Release 11: 25 for Parent Conferences
  • December 5-9, 2011   Holiday Shoppe
  • December 9, 2011      Early Release, 12:30 Dismissal
  • December 16, 2011    Early Release, 12:30 Dismissal
  • December 26-Jan. 1   Winter Break