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April 26, 2012

posted Apr 26, 2012, 8:21 AM by   [ updated Apr 29, 2012, 11:34 AM ]

Welcome back!  It has been an extremely busy week at Green Meadow School.  After a week off, students returned bubbly, happy, and ready for the last several weeks of school.

Grade two students were environmental scientists this week.  They traveled from station to station learning about the creatures of the somewhat magical vernal pool.  These scientists observed, described, and thought about obligate and facultative living organisms that appear each spring.  (Ask a second grader about these fancy words!)  Hands-on, minds-on, locally-based learning is important as our second graders will become the future caretakers of our planet.  Learning to appreciate and understand the complexity of small habitats and ecosystems makes for knowledgeable global citizens.

Finally, we have two important notes to share: 

1)      Please check here to learn more about Sharon Santillo (our art teacher) and an art experience not to be missed!

2)      If you would like to submit a placement letter, please make sure it is in our office by May 1, 2012.

Enjoy these last few days of April.  Unbelievably, May is just around the corner!

Donna Dankner and Pamela Bator


News from Mrs. Foss’s Class:

This week the second grade was lucky enough to have Erika Whitworth back from the Audubon Society.  Students rotated through 5 stations, all pertaining to the Vernal Pool.  Some of the stations included examining salamanders, fairy shrimp, life cycles, and sketching various critters.  Be sure to ask your child about the very cool marbled and spotted salamanders she brought for us to see.  We are looking forward to May when we will meet Erika out at the Vernal Pool to collect critters and other life in the pool.

This week we have also started our new unit in Writing Workshop on non-fiction.  Students will be writing various How-To-Books throughout the next few weeks.  In their books they will be taught to include important transition words such as first, next, then, finally, and last.  They will also be taught how to include all of the important steps on how to make or do something and really include detail about each one.  They are really excited about this unit!        

News from Mrs. Wallace’s Kindergarten Class:

Well, it’s hard to believe we are the final stretch of the school year, but there is still much work to complete in these final weeks.  In Writer’s Workshop, we have been working on a Poetry Unit. We started our Poetry Unit by creating fabulous Eric Carle type collages using seven different types of painting techniques. After admiring their art work, the children wrote inspiring poems about their individual collages. Truly, it is amazing to hear the beautiful poems the children have composed!

We have been having some fun with our Fundation Program by tap out CVC (consonant /vowel/consonant) words, writing sentences on our white boards, changing beginning and ending sounds to make new words, writing and reading word families, and chopping up words into individual sounds! 

In Math, we have started to work on addition and subtraction of number families up to ten. We have been playing addition and subtraction games using snap cubes, dice, manipulative, dominoes, and creating our own very interesting number stories. (The children have great imaginations!)

The “Pushes and Pulls Unit” has been keeping us busy during our science class.  We have been having some fun with hands- on small machines: screws, pendulums, and incline planes.  Ah, physics! 

We hope everyone enjoyed their April vacations!  Take care, Mrs. Wallace  

Special Notes:

  • All letters from families regarding placement need to be submitted to the office by May 1, 2012. 

Dates to Remember:

v     April 27, 2012                                   Kindergarten Screening

v      April 27, 2012                                   Early Release – 12:30 dismissal

v      April 30, 2012                                   Maynard Art Faculty Show at Artspace 3-6:00 PM

v     May 3, 2012                                      Preschool Spring Art Show

v     May 4, 2012                                      Grade 1 Music Concert 8:40 AM

v     May 4, 2012                                      Early Release – 12:30 dismissal

v     May 7, 2012                                      Grade 2 Art Show at Artspace 5-8:00 PM

v     May 9-10, 2012                                Grade 3 MCAS (Math)

v     May 11, 2012                                    Early Release – 11:25 dismissal

v     May 17, 2012                                   Preschool Drumlin Farm Field Trip